Quiet steel (1965)

Documentary №62375, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:46, black-white
Production: LSDF
Director:Kogan P.
Screenwriters:Gurvich V.
Camera operators:Zanin Yu., Obuhovich N.
Sound mixer:Boronin N.


The Cherepovets metallurgical plant. The poetics of hot metal, heavy men's work. Portrait of an industrial giant, augmented urban sketches. Now black and white!

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Dawn, residential buildings, new buildings.

The rails, the departing train is visible, a lone passerby crosses the tracks, heads towards the house.

The city of Cherepovets, the empty streets of the city, a panorama of the shop windows of stationery and toys.

View of the building (removed from the driveway).

View of the port, river, ships on the water.

Panorama of the boats at the pier.

A group of men is standing on the dock.

Boat parking.

A man and a woman with a dog on a boat.

A motorboat transports furniture.

View of the bridge, boat parking.

The territory of the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant - the buildings of the plant are visible.

The territory of the plant - a man walks over the bridge.

A man enters the room, looks out the windows, takes off his jacket, hangs it on the wall.

The workshop of the metallurgical plant.

The man turns on the fan, sits down at the workplace.

Kupno - the fan is running.

Large - the face of a man.

Factory workers at their workplaces - at the control panel of equipment and machines in the workshop, begin work.

The workshop of the plant - various production processes are shown, work is underway with huge red-hot metal ingots.

Large - sparks of fire.

Steelworkers are working.

General view of the workshop.

Coarse-hot metal.

The steelworker oversees the production process.

Coarse - molten metal.

The face of the worker (working at the control panel).

A red-hot ingot of metal is moving along the conveyor.

The eyes of a worker.

A red-hot ingot of metal is moving along the conveyor.

Large - hands on the levers.

A red-hot ingot of metal is moving along the conveyor.

The worker oversees the production process, regulates the work with levers, and so on.

Red-hot steel ingots.

View of the production management center.

Red-hot ingots on the conveyor.

Control center - workers at the control panel, control the work, manage the production process.

View of the workshop, a red-hot ingot of steel is moving along the conveyor.

The gateway of the Volga-Baltic waterway in Cherepovets on the Sheksna River.

View of the river, ships.

The ship is on lockdown.

Large - the water level rises.

In the frame - the ship "Baltic-18".

Panorama of cargo platforms with steel.

The workshop of the plant - the production process is underway, with the help of special cranes, huge ingots of red-hot metal are moved.

The production control center - workers and female workers of the plant are at the control panels.

The man is talking on the intercom.

Ingots on the conveyor.

The worker responds via the intercom.

The company's employees are in the accounting room near the workshop - a man is taking notes, a woman is talking on the phone.

A worker whistles, gestures to someone.

A young guy next to the control panel.

Panorama of the workshop.

A long bar of red-hot metal appears on the conveyor.

A man approaches a water fountain, drinks.

A rolling mill is operating.

A worker near the control panel.

The general plan is the workshop of the plant (taken from above).

A worker near the equipment.

Rolling mill.

A large worker raises his hand.

Different frames of the rolling mill.

Key words

Metallurgical plant, steelworkers, gateway, rolling mill

Locations: Cherepovets

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The workshop of the metallurgical plant - various personnel of the production process.

Panorama of an old metal gate, a closed window in the gate.

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery - different frames.

Metallurgical plant - panorama of the territory, buildings, pipes, various structures.

Large - sparks of fire.

A steelworker works in a specially protective mask.

Panorama of the workshop - steelworkers are working.

There are hot metal ingots on the conveyor.

The master speaks on the intercom, hangs up, leaves.

Workers at the production control panel.

Factory shop - the workflow stops.

The master is in the shop, looking at what is happening.

Welding works are underway.

Ingots of red-hot metal are standing on a stopped conveyor.

A worker near the control panel calls the shift supervisor.

Factory workshop - workers are troubleshooting.

A worker in the control center, sits down in his chair, begins to operate the levers.

The crane lifts an ingot of red-hot metal.

The worker at the remote lights up, while continuing to manage the production process.

Large-scale production process, hot metal ingots.

Large - hands control the levers.

Large - hand on the lever.

A small sports sailing yacht - a man controls the sail.

Different shots of the yacht, sails, rigging.

View of yachts in the distance.

Smoke is coming from a large factory pipe.

A freight train is moving through the territory of the plant.

The workshop of the plant - different personnel of the production process.

An employee near the production equipment.

The workshop of the plant, workers are busy at the final stage of production - the production of steel sheets.

Different frames of the production process, the faces of the workers.

The territory of the plant, there is a freight train on the rails.

View of the territory of the enterprise, various structures, etc.

Panorama of the smoking chimneys of the plant.

Top view - a freight train is coming.

The crane lifts the red-hot metal ingots.

Large - the face of the worker at the control panel.

The workshop of the plant, sparks fly, steelworkers work.

Large - hot metal flows.

A steelworker is working.

Large - the face of a steelworker.

The general plan is a workshop, a production process, steelworkers are working.

Large - the eyes of a worker.

Large - flowing liquid incandescent metal.

Steelworkers are working.

A steelworker scoops water from a bucket with a mug and drinks it.

Steelworkers on a smoke break.

Key words

Metallurgical plant, metal, steelworker, sailing sports yacht , Kirillo-Belozersky monastery

Locations: Cherepovets

Seasons: Summer [824]

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