The London Concert.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Operators: Koloshin A.

Anouncers: Konsovskiy V.

Text writers: Gaevskiy V.


About a tour of artists of the Bolshoi Theater in England.

Temporary description

Ballet dancers of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR V. Vasiliev, E. Ryabinkina, M. Plisetskaya, N. Timofeeva engaged by the machine in the hall under the guidance of choreographer A. Messerer. Galina Ulanova danced Giselle at the stage of Covent Garden in London. Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet N. Timofeeva, M. Liepa, other grimiruyutsya; dance ballet parts from different performances in the Concert Hall, Royal Festival Hall in London. Types of London: Buckingham Palace, the observatory. Minister of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva answers questions from journalists at the opening exhibition in London of the Soviet theater artists (synchronously). Director of the Royal Festival Hall, Mr. Bean delivers a welcoming speech on the stage of Royal Festival Hall after the concert artists of the Bolshoi Ballet of the USSR.

Reel №1

One of the daily lessons of classical dance at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

Conducts a lesson choreographer Asaf Messerer.

In the classroom at the bench and in the hall ballet dancers Rima Curly, Nina Timofeeva, Nina Fedorova, Vladimir Vasiliev, Maya Plisetskaya and others - MS., CU.

Asaf Messerer give a demonstration lesson of classical dance in the TV studio with BBC BBC in London, where the transfer of the whole of England looks - MS., LS.

Television, the camera operator.

Demonstration lesson of classical dance for English teachers and artists of the ballet.

A lesson is Messerer.

Watch teachers and artists.

London, Thames - LS. (Shot from above).

Bridge over the Thames - LS.

PNRM. through the archway on the ancient building.

Trafalgar Square with fountain - LS. PNRM.

Building, Covent Garden - MS.

Poster in English Leningrad Opera and Ballet, the Kirov - MS.

At the airport the Londoners met artists of the Bolshoi Theatre, the plane goes Galina Ulanova - MS.

Ulanova danced "Giselle."

Photos of dancing Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova - LS., CU., MS.

Photo - Diaghilev ballet company.

Photo - the first English school student of classical ballet.

A scene from the ballet by Stravinsky, Fokine's "Firebird" performed by British dancers Margot Fonteyn and Michael Soames.

Go to ballet school student in London and the audience - MS.

The audience in the hall of the Royal Festival Hall, where the one-act ballet "Class Concert" opens touring program of the Bolshoi Theater - MS., CU., PNRM.

Warm-up artists backstage - Maya Plisetskaya and others.

Grimiruetsya Nina Timofeeva, Maris Liepa and other artists - MS.

The audience took place in the hall - LS.

Ballet "Class Concert", a ballet without words lecture about classical dance (Exercise).

A. Messerer leads.

The first steps in ballet - on stage little girls.

Reel №2

Continuation of the ballet "Class Concert".

In the role of the teacher - the director of the ballet itself - Asaf Messerer.

Photos: A. Messerer in dance - MS.

Dancing little boys, then - teenagers.

Dancing girls.

Malika Sabirova Tajik dance "Giselle".

A scene from the ballet-drama "Spartacus" in the performance of Maya Plisetskaya and Dmitry Begak.

The audience applauded - LS., MS. PNRM.

Maya Plisetskaya with flowers backstage.

On stage, bowing artists participating ballet "Class Concert".

Ballet congratulate backstage - MS.

Elena smiles Ryabinkina - CU.

Ballet dancers are introduced to London, pass on the street.

Stands guard at Buckingham Palace.

Changing of the guard (shot through the fence) - MS., LS., CU.

Parliament House - MS. (With motion).

Ballet dancers in the street talking to a group of MPs - MS., CU.

Artists in Greenwich Observatory, pass on the zero meridian, (one of the men is on the meridian of the hands, the other - dancing squatting) - MS., LS.

Soviet artists at the studio "Shesperton" talking to a film actor Laurence Harveyem and others - MS., CU.

Visiting artists in the country at the Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Education and Science of the Jenny Lee.

There are trade unionists, members of the Anglo-Soviet society - different.

The opening of the London exhibition of Soviet theater artists.

The opening was there on a visit in England USSR Minister of Culture EA Furtseva.

Press conference, EA Furtseva answers questions (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Listen to the present - MS., CU.

In the auditorium of the Royal Festival Hall applauded present - LS.

Continues ballet "Class Concert" (dancing couple, support).

Reel №3

Waltz from "Les Sylphides", staged by Fokine, dance, Ekaterina Maximova and Maris Liepa.

Duet from the second act of "Swan Lake" dance Rima Curly and Boris Khokhlov.

The artists behind the scenes and in the dressing room - MS.

Contemporary duet "spells" dance Elena and Mikhail Tikhomirov Cherkassy.

Rachmaninov "Spring Waters", produced by Asaf Messerer dance duo Nina Fedorova and Maris Liepa.

The same dance "Spring Water" performed by Marina Kondratieva and Maris Liepa in the hall factory club in London.

A scene from the ballet "The Nutcracker."

The audience applauded - MS., CU.

Saint-Saens - "The Dying Swan" - dances Ryabinkina Elena (in the capital of Ireland - Dublin) - the end of the dance.

Dance "Mittens" performs Ella Dempsey and Anatoly Malinin.

Shamil Egudin dancing Ukrainian "Gopak".

Demonstration class provides the English Folk Dance Nicholas Simachev.

In a lesson folk dance dancing girls Englishwoman.

Spanish dance performed Trembovelskaya Larissa.

Polish "Krakowiak" performed by artists of the Bolshoi Theater.

Continuation of the "Class Concert" (section last - Virtuosity) - dancing girls and boys, solos and duets.

The audience applauded - LS.

Reel №4

Final London concert, parade of stars of Soviet ballet.

Nina Timofeeva, virtuosic variation from the ballet "Laurencia» - MS., CU.

Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev, fragments of the pas de deux from "Don Quixote» - MS.

Maya Plisetskaya "The Dying Swan» - LS., CU., MS.

The audience applauded, PNRM. the stage strewn with flowers.

Bows Maya Plisetskaya.

On stage, bowing all the participants of the concert last night tour.

The microphone on the stage playing the Royal Festival Hall, director of Mr.

Bean, chairman of the Royal Ballet Company, said the results of the Soviet ballet performances in England (simultaneously in English and Russian).

PNRM. by actors on stage and the audience in the hall.

All standing, listening to English anthem, performed by an orchestra.

Classical dance lesson in Moscow, on the sixth floor of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Engaged Maya Plisetskaya, Vladimir Vasiliev and others.

The lesson is Asaf Messerer - CU., MS.