Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 519 (1940)

Newsreel №62756, 2 parts, duration: 0:21:51, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Sports army teams at the stadium.

Girls bypassed the podium and give the military the bouquets of flowers.

The women's 3000 meters steeplechase winners.

The audience.

Running the 80 meter hurdles for women.

Running 100 meters /men/.

Running the 100 meters hurdles /men/.


Return to the city of Saarbrucken evacuated during the Franco-German campaign of civilians.

The train approaches the station, a poster: "Welcome home!".

Boys from the Hitler youth help arriving people to make things, to fit them into the trucks.

A solemn procession goes through the city behind the band.

Women from charitable organizations engaged in cleaning houses.

Out of the bus evacuated residents.

The return of soldiers Carskogo regiment from France, they are marching through the streets of the city.


Sending children, primarily from families of soldiers on vacation.

Children in cars.

They are on the banks of the river, waving to a passing steamer.

Sports and fun.

Teacher with young children on the sand.

Children weave wreaths.

Speaker about organisation in Germany of mass rest of children.

Children sunbathing, playing.

Children clean their shoes, write letters.


Military school for drivers and motorcyclists.

Garage with covered trucks and cars.

Future drivers in the study.

The officer explains the device motor.

They are on a practical training on driving cars & motorcycles.

Cars driving on rough terrain, the car crawler off-road.

Motorcycle riding through a hilly area for water flow.


The training sailing ship "Horst Wessel".

Young sailors of the Hitler youth are busy cleaning the decks, they scrub it with mops.

Cabin boys are in boats, rowing.

On the water boats and yachts.

General view of the vessel.

Austria, Styria.

Career in the mountains of Erzberg.

Explosive mining.

Workers throw shovels ore into the cart.

Iron ore is loaded into trucks by excavator.

Open development of ore deposits.

Ore in the metallurgical plant is melting.


At the cable factory.

Manufacturer of cable through the car is twisting a number of wires in the cable, cover it with insulation.

The cable is wound on the coil.



The Fuhrer in the plane, he arrives in the Ruhr region out of the plane.

Motorcade with Hitler sent to the Villa Hugel, the residence of a German industrial and financial magnate Gustav Krupp, which significant material support to the Nazi movement.

He sends greetings to Krupp in connection with his 70th birthday and gives him the order of the eagle of the German Empire with the inscription: "to the Führer of the German economy", a Gold party sign of the Nazi party and other awards.

The Fuhrer sits in the car.

An enthusiastic crowd welcomed him.

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Reel №2

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Lieutenant-General, Chevalier of Rytsarskogo cross, Eduard Dietl is forwarded to Hitler's headquarters to report to him about the victory at Narvik.

Hitler and Dietl during the conversation, there is Steiermark Gauleiter Siegfried Uiberreither.

They are on the map of hostilities.

France, Paris.

The Munich choir performs in front of the Grand Opera in Paris.

Audience - soldiers of the Wehrmacht, as well as residents of the city.

Choir in national costumes perform folk song.



The German General is awarding the Iron cross soldiers of the Waffen-SS distinguished themselves in military actions against France.

The awarding of the operators of the propaganda Department, the rear camera on the tripod.


German ships arrive in the port of the raids in the Atlantic.

German patrol vessels at anchor off the coast of Norway.

Vessels at sea.

Smokescreen over the ship.

German aircraft maintenance.

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