Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 529 (1940)

Newsreel №62770, 3 parts, duration: 0:27:01, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Strategically important Burma road was the main source of supply between Burma and China.

Under pressure from Germany, Britain conceded to the demands of Japan and closed it to military goods.

Thus, China was isolated from the supply of the allies.

Japanese soldiers in the attack.

Goals stores of food and weapons.


The German part is transferred to Bulgaria the province of Craiova.

Bulgarian farmers riding on horseback to meet German cavalry.

Hanging welcome banner.

The commander cuts the symbolic ribbon at the border.

A cordial welcome to the German population, the soldiers were presented with flowers and ribbons.

German cavalry units in the Bulgarian town of Dobrogea /21.9.1940/.

Marching infantry, riding self-propelled artillery, tanks.

The crowd raised a banner: "long live the Tsar liberator Boris III".


The arrival of General ion Antonescu in the car on the parade of the Legionnaires in Bucharest.

The Grand building.

Antonescu on the podium.

A procession of people dressed in national costumes.

The leaders of the fascist Legion, founded by the leader of the fascist movement, Corneliu Codreanu.

Are Legionnaires.


Duce in Padua at the parade of fascist activists.

Mussolini arrives in the car, he is greeted by boys and girls.

The flags of the States, who sent their delegation to the Congress of the fascist youth in Padua.

Ceremonial passing of the young fascists of Spain.

Go the Italian fascists.


Motocross motorized units of the German Wehrmacht.

At the competition there is a leader of the German youth Arthur Axman.

Soldiers on motorcycles speeding through rough terrain, one of the riders falls.

Riders finish stage of the competition, occupy a firing position, shoot at targets.

Someone has to change the wheel.

Then motorcycles continue on the moat, filled with water, on a dirt road.



Sending the children of workers on vacation.

Children help soldiers carry bags.

Parents say goodbye to the children.

Landing in cars.

The train departs.


Welcome Goebbels peasants foremost in the Ministry of propaganda.

The peasants at the gala dinner at the tables next to them and Reich Minister of labor Richard-Walther darré and Goebbels.

Receiving the delegation of the peasants by the Fuehrer in the new Reich Chancellery.

The peasants in the courtyard of the office, big plans for heroes of labour of different places in Germany.

They're in the office.

The officer carries floral garlands balloon with ribbons.

Hitler greets the woman with a bouquet of flowers.

The Fuhrer handed a gift from the peasants.

Hitler and darré bypasses the peasants.

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Reel №2

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Peasants harvesting.

Speaker on food resources.

The structure of the grain /on the scheme/, its nutrient composition.


Mechanized kneading, forming, loading in the oven.

The finished bread.

The bags of flour, trademark.



Art exhibition of 1940 in the House of German art.

Exhibits, a Sculpture of a naked young man with a torch in hand, a young man with a spear, the rowers in the boat.

Sculpture Hartman: the figure of the worker, steelworker.

Mother and child, the baby's head.

Sculpture Kremenica "Adagio": figure of a girl in the dance.

The picture painted by Hitler.

Genre paintings, portraits of soldiers.



Training /werkunterricht/ with the wounded.

They perform various simple work /ceramics, etc./.

Wounded learn to write with my left hand.


German wounded on trips, arranged for them by the organization KDF /Strength through joy/.

Wounded in the Park of the Palace.

They view the sculpture.

Wounded at the tables in the café.

Wounded buy pictures, write letters home.



The festival of flowers.

For the military is the national dance group.


An occupied territory.

The pow camp.

Prisoners distribute linen, bathrobes, socks.

Prisoners at work on the relocation of the barracks.

They work on the road.



Top view of a square with a market, there are vehicles, bicycles.

Before the gates of the Paris market.

Merchants driven in trucks vegetables.

The population with carts, carry they things, refrigerator, bicycles.

Street sign "Maxim".

Rickshaw taxi bike.

Car Park Bicycle rental.

Customers sit in the cart.

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Reel №3

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German engineers for the rehabilitation of bridges and other engineering structures.

Rebuilding the railway bridge.

North Africa, Sudan.

After declaring war, Britain and France, the Italian army is forced to go on the defensive all of its African colonies.

Italian troops of Marshal Ettore Bastico moving in the desert on camels.

Riding tanks, trucks with trailers.

A fragment of the battle with the British.

Italian cavalry attack, they jump on the camels and horses.

The Italians captured the English Fort at Kassala.

The strengthening of the Italian flag.

Cavalry make the cheers, waving their swords.

Key words

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