Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 592-2 Working material (1942)

Newsreel №62805, 3 parts, duration: 0:24:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Views of the city.

Old buildings, churches.




Wounded in the carpentry workshop.

They make various products from wood.

Theoretical classes.

Wounded learn to write and draw with my left hand.

Classes in construction.

Practical classes


Collecting warm clothes in the order campaign of Winter care.

Children, girls collect home things.

Residents rent warm clothes.

Coats, skis, sweaters, scarves, etc.

A lot of things.

Minor repairs.

Women repairing things, sort them.

Loading things in the car.

Sending to the front.

The soldiers believe things.

Unloading products and fuel.

Gas station.

Fuel is transported by positions

Key words

Germany, sights, Church, Cathedral
Germany, world war 2, wounded, education professional
Germany, war world 2, charity, women, children, transport, food

Reel №2

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Of the Soviet Union.

Near Leningrad.


German soldiers in the woods.

They burn wood for making charcoal.

German watch.

Trees covered with snow.

In the village.

The Germans in the snow.

Production of special nozzles for wheels in the carpentry shop.

A carriage with the nozzles.

She's taking a field kitchen.

Unloading equipment and ammunition.

Tanks are moving.

The Germans in the trench.


The gun shoots.


Battery fires.


The Germans fired from carbines.


The Germans in the field

Of the Soviet Union.

The battle for Sevastopol.


The German convoy on the road.

Lead bull.



German soldiers with armfuls of hay.

They feed the horses.

The soldiers weave sandals of hay.

Dance in sandals.

German guns.

The highway is moving German engineering.



German soldiers on horses.

The horses are on the highway.

Of Tatar mosques.

Some volunteers in berets.

The construction of the dugout.

German planes in the air.


The German observer.

Infantry in the attack.

Marines toss grenades.

Marines rush.

Fragments of the battle

Key words

Soviet Union, world war 2, soldiers, mountain, natural phenomena, weapons, tanks, explosion
Soviet Union, world war 2, soldiers, animals, Pets, military technique, weapons, explosion, force, entertainment, volunteers, Church

Reel №3

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Finnish front.

The Germans with anti-aircraft guns.

Domestic class.


The Germans at leisure.


The Germans are building model airplanes.

The aircraft on the airfield.

Pilots on skis.

They have aircraft.

Data processing of aerial reconnaissance.

A group of officers.

One of them calls on the phone.

View of bunkers.

German and Finnish soldiers.

Podnoski shells to the gun.

The gun shoots.

The explosion in the woods.

Calculation at the guns.


Firing a machine gun.

German infantry in a ruined village.

Burning town.

The Finns on the highway.

A sign on the kiosk Dynamo.

Soviet poster.

The Church in the distance.

Infantry moving forward

Key words

The Soviet Union, Finland, world war 2, soldiers, troops, weapons, airfield, airforce, military technique, explosion, fire, Church, reception, holiday, music

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