Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 612 (1942)

Newsreel №62809, 3 parts, duration: 0:31:29, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Hitler and Minister of armaments and munitions albert Speer visiting the new armament factories.

The Fuhrer with a group of experts. pnrm military factory.

In the hot shop.

Working at the stove.

Casting liners for shells.

Finished products.

Control of the finished product.

Manufacturing bombs and grenades.

The moulding shop.

The process of making high-explosive bombs.

Casting, grinding, polishing, installation, etc.

The manufacture of torpedoes.

The individual operations.

The manufacture of rifles for the infantry.

Manufacturer of gun barrels.

Ready a weapon.

Composition with weapons.

Ready-made howitzers.

In the shop for the manufacture of guns.


Installation of anti-aircraft guns.

Making guns for ships-destroyers.

The Assembly of guns.

Finished guns.

Key words

Germany, world war 2, Warlords, personalities, Hitler, work, industry, military, statesmen

Reel №2

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War factory.

Casting barrel heavy guns.

Working-caster tools.

The trunk is processed on a lathe.

Ready trunks.

Grinding barrels.

Installation of a huge howitzer on a railway platform.

Manufacturing of water tanks. pnrm. the finished tanks.

Manufacturer of tires for cars and planes.

The styling of the finished tire.

Finished products. pnrm. the shop of the plant.

Ready trucks in the factory yard.

Manufacturer of tractors, MAHONES. In the shop for Assembly of heavy vehicles to carry guns.

Manufacturer of tank towers.

Ready tank.

Mounting tracks.

Installation of towers.

Ready-made tanks at the factory gate.

They are in the Parking lot.

Tanks go on camera.

Tanks on a train platform.

Aviation plant.

The design office.

Engineers at work in Kuhlmann.

Key words

Germany, world war 2, military Industry, workers, tanks, aircraft

Reel №3

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In the factory shop.

Work on the buildings of the aircraft. pnrm shops.

A workshop for the manufacture of fuselages of fighters.

Working in the shop.

Installation of propellers.

Ready for various types of aircraft.

Build a new model of the Junkers.

In the Assembly shop of the fuselage.

Panel assembling.


Installation of motors.

New planes in front of the camera.

The plane in the air.

At the engine plant.

The Assembly of engines for submarines.

Transportation of motors.

One of slipways.

The installation of a submarine.

The descent of the boat slips.

The boat in the water.

Speaker about the power of the German submarine fleet.

Launching of the different submarines.

May 20, 1942.

Reception in honor of the 137 leaders of the military industry in Berlin.

Hermann Goering, Reich Minister of armaments and munitions albert Speer, head of the German Trudovogo front, Dr.

Robert Ley in the hall.

Speech of Minister Speer about the success of the German war industry.

The ceremony of awarding of the workers and peasants of the highest state awards.

Rewarding in the hall.

The speech by war veteran corporal Krona.

He presents on behalf of the Wehrmacht Iron cross senior master tank factory Franz Hamm.

Goering congratulates Sochi with a medal. pnrm. the hall.

Goering made a speech /speech speaker in the retelling/.

Goering of the tasks of the German war industry-a GUARANTOR of VICTORY. The Performance Of The Hamm.

In the Honorary courtyard of the Reich Chancellery.

Honor guard in honor of Franz Hamm.

Goering shakes hands with him.

Key words

Industry military, work, aviation, the Navy, the reception State.figures, personalities, Goering, award, awards, State.companies, Germany, world war 2

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