Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 620 (1942)

Newsreel №62816, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:17, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Abromajt,Ashenbrener,G.Bashtanier,V.Bashtanier,Blashke,Fon Hardenberg,Yung,Katcke,Klyajn,Krigar,Rammeljt,Ritter,Zauer,Cumpe i dr

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

North Africa.

The German base in Crete.

On the field, there are aircraft maintenance, weapons and equipment lie on the ground.

The soldiers are resting.

German cargo ship loaded for shipment to North Africa.

The soldiers on Board have fun, organize a playful contest.

German sailor talks with the Italian soldier.

The Harbour Of Tobruk.

Remains of sunken British ships after the storming of the fortress by the Germans.

The landing of the soldiers in Africa, Is the tank with potable water, the soldier pours water into the canisters.

Tanks sent towards El Alamein.

Italian and German aircraft escorted the convoy.

Harbour Sollum.

Cars on the highway.

Planes in the air.

Trucks with supplies going to Sidi Barrani.

View of Sidi Barrani from the plane.

Captured by the Germans and Italians fortress of Mersa Matruh.

The planes fly farther.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The coastal station of Egyptian Railways are trains with military materials.

The prisoner of war camp for the British barbed wire.

The prisoners in the camp.

The prisoner bakes cakes on a makeshift stove.

Technology is moving to El Alamein.

German soldiers near the shield with the inscription in English: "the Road Bavella".

He defeats her and says in German: "get Rommel".

A convoy of vehicles in the campaign.

Planes in the air.

The view from the air on the highway.

Riding tanks, trucks, transported guns.

The Atlantic coast of Europe.

The German defenses in Pas-de-Calais.

The German observer.

The German gunners in shorts cleaning the guns.


Aiming guns.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

Falls downed aircraft.

German fighters before departure.

Downed English plane crashed on the building; the other, collapsed into the canal.

British aircraft shot down on the sand.


German submarine returning from a RAID to the shores of America.

Sailors prepare the boxes with the records of the tonnage of ships shot down.

Sailors for household activities, taking a shower.

Key words

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England, world War 2, artillery, air defense, air force, France
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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The commander of the boat U-552 Erich Topp on the bridge, the wall of the bridge painted two devils with torches.

The boat goes forward.

A meeting with another submarine.

Hang lifejackets and boards with the names of the defeated enemy ships.

Meeting the boat at the base.

Gross-Admiral Doenitz sends greetings to the crew.

Presentation of colors.

The commander and the crew.

Nurses treat sailors, they are drinking beer from bottles.

Boat comes within the bunker.

Preparing the boat for the next voyage.

In the engine room.

Handling of food, shells.

The boat goes to the next RAID.

On the deck.

Close to American shores.

Spotted enemy frahter.


The submarine goes forward.


The explosion on the boat.

The boat is immersed.

The periscope is visible damaged enemy ship.

Release torpedoes.

The ship is sinking.

The announcer on the success of the German submarine fleet.

Footage of sinking and burning ships.

Eastern front.

On the line Kursk-Voronezh-Voroshilovgrad.

Destroyed Voronezh.

German soldiers looking at the city from the height of the building, which is already hanging the Nazi flag.

Views of the city.

On the streets of Voronezh, taken by the Germans on 17 June 1942.

Germans on the streets.

The ruins of the city.

Residents nodes are on the ruined streets.

Civilians were herded to clear the streets.

German cars on the streets.

Are fragments of the monument to Lenin, the dead.

Soldier washes from the column.

German milking a cow, drinking milk.

German soldiers preparing an omelet.

German positions on the banks of the don.

Crossing the river.

The remnants of the Soviet equipment defeated in the June battles.

Destroyed vehicles, military equipment.

German soldiers are sleeping.

Alarm, shoot German guns.

The gunners shelled a Soviet bomber.

He falls to the ground and explodes.

Shoot German guns.

Destroyed Soviet equipment, burning a Soviet tank.

The cavalry riding, one at the hands of the mandolin.

Key words

America, Germany, Navy, commanders, personalities, weapons, transport, water, world war 2
Soviet Union, world War 2, soldiers, population, destruction, cars, Pets, military technique, river, weapon, explosion

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The movement of motorized units and infantry to the South.

Tank rides with him are cyclists who ride on the highway.

Hungarian infantry on the March.

German infantry near the destroyed bridge over the river Donets.

Attempt to rebuild the bridge.

The Germans are moving forward.

The Germans on horseback in the village.

Fragments of skirmishes with Soviet parts.

Soviet prisoners of war.

The Germans are treating the injured.

Burning buildings.

The Germans in the village.

Away visible Church.

Shoot German guns.

The machine-gunners.

Slovak battery firing positions.

A huge column of prisoners goes to the camera.

View of the column from the flank.

Shoot German guns.

The burning part of the fuel, abandoned by Soviet troops.

The Germans in the area of Lisichansk.

Fragments of a firefight.

German infantry in the attack.

The Germans enter in Lisichansk.

German tanks on the streets.

German infantry goes on the streets.

German planes sent to bomb the Soviet positions near Voroshilovgrad.

Flying bombs on target.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The alarm on the offensive for the German troops.

The view of the Soviet positions.

Burning Soviet tanks.

The German observer.

Germans on the streets of Voroshilovgrad on 14 June 1942.

Soldiers on the March East of Voroshilovgrad.

Tanks go on camera.

Key words

USSR, War world 2 tanks, troops, bridge repair work, the prisoners, the wounded, fire, weapons, Church, population, force, soldiers, vehicles, railway

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