Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 621 (1942)

Newsreel №62817, 4 parts, duration: 0:34:39, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Anhek,Bergman,Botas,Blashke,Flyajshman,Eljzesser,Empter,Grund,H.Funke,J.Hasler,Kilian,Kereshi,Kifer,O.Lanchner,F.Lipp,Lyudvig,Mollenhauer,R.Rihter,Shtrebelj,Timer,Viljde, i dr

Reel №1

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The Atlantic coast of Europe.


German coastal fortifications.

Sentries on duty.

After Compiegne agreement, the Fuhrer has ordered the strengthening of the Atlantic coast and the English channel.

The entire coast from the North sea to the Bay of Biscay Packed with numerous fortified points of all types.

Artillery battery to them.

Fritz Todt.

Cleaning guns.

Barbed wire.

Bastions, bunkers.

Best post in the dunes, have a change of watch.

Tank goes to the gas station.

Train with weapons at the station.

The composition of the tanks with fuel.

Guns and tanks on the streets of the town.

German soldiers.

One of the military airfields.

There are combat aircraft "Messerschmitt-109", "Nancel-111", "Junkers-87".

German planes in the air.

New anti-aircraft batteries in position.

The installation of the guns.

Calculation at the guns.

Different types of guns.

Huge heavy howitzer.


Heavy gun on a railway platform leaves the hopper and moving into position.

Calculation at the guns.

The Shuttle shells.

Warehouse shells.

Vantage point.

Observers at work.

A drill.

All take their places.

Delivery of shells to the gun on special elevators.

The gun is ready for battle.

The guns shoot.

The connection of German warships leaving their base.

Vessels at sea.

Combat aircraft maintenance.


General Augusto muñoz Grandes, commander of Spanish "Blue division" that fought in the difficult defensive battles on the Northern sector of the Eastern front, the headquarters of the Fuehrer in the winery.

He and a group of officers walking down the alley.

The Spanish General is greeted by field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, Colonel-General Franz Halder, chief of the General staff of the army.

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Reel №2

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Meeting Munoz-Grandes to the führer.

The shaking of hands.

Of the Soviet Union.


After the capture of Sevastopol remnants of the defeated Soviet army departed on the Chersonese Peninsula.

Fighting for the Chersonese. 4 July 1942 - the day of breaking the last resistance of the Russian troops.

Planes bombed fortifications equipped with heavy artillery, which is still held by the Bolsheviks.

German infantry firing at the enemy.


Marines in the moment of rest. panorama of the battlefield with tanks.

Soviet soldiers and sailors surrendering.

The capture of the bunker, he is chosen by Soviet soldiers.

Destroyed the lighthouse, around which the fight broke out.

Soviet POWs, among them women.

A group of Soviet soldiers, hiding under the cliff, waving white handkerchiefs and rags, surrendering prisoner.

The end of the fighting.

Key words

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Reel №3

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A German column moving East.

Go carts, carts.

Marching Romanian soldiers in berets, German infantry moving along country roads in the heat and dust.

Motorcycle avant-garde the groups out in advance.

Riding tanks.

A Knight's cross holder major Gunter Pappe in the open hatch of the tank.

A Soviet air RAID.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft guns.

The Marines are watching the shootout.

The downed plane falls to the ground.

German infantry.

Construction of the unit immediately undertake the work they are engaged in clearing roads, removing obstacles and building bridges.

German tanks at the mill.

Fighting with Soviet troops.

Soviet defectors.

Chasing the German rider for the Soviet fighter.

The Germans in the village.

Soldiers burst the doors of houses in search of hidden Bolsheviks.

Tanks continue to move forward.

German troops on the streets of the village.

Shooting with the Soviet troops.

German troops meet pull-up are the columns of prisoners.

Motorized German units are suitable to don.

Ferry the heavy guns, horses.

Military actions near Rostov.

A massive attack of tanks at Rostov.

The road passes through a wide field with blooming sunflowers.

Tanks across the anti-tank ditch along the embankment built by the sappers.

Fragments of fighting near Rostov.

Key words

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Reel №4

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The battle for Rostov.

German planes in the air.

The view from the plane to Rostov.

Dive bombers are clearing the way for the troops.

The units at the time of hiding.

German tanks going along the road, sitting on the tanks, the soldiers are smiling.

Self-propelled guns on the way.

View of Rostov, the semi-million city at the mouth of the don, with a developed industry and a large port.

German troops enter the city.

Views of powerful bunkers near the town.

Tanks in the streets.

Soldiers on the streets.

Index: Taganrog - Rostov - Alatyr.

Views of the city.

Destroyed buildings, railway station.

Broken Soviet equipment.

The streets are Soviet prisoners of war.

June 24 - the capture of Rostov by the Germans.

German infantry goes forward.

Key words

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