Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 627 (1942)

Newsreel №62821, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Funeral in Budapest son of the Regent, Admiral Horthy, istván Horthy, who died on the Soviet-German front.

The funeral ceremony in Parliament.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Joachim von Ribbentrop, lays a wreath on behalf of the Fuhrer.

Wilhelm Keitel Marshal scepter.

The Minister of foreign Affairs count Ciano lays a wreath on behalf of the government of Italy.

Members of foreign delegations.

Funeral procession in the streets of Budapest.

Go behind the coffin of Admiral Horthy, his wife, Ribbentrop and others.

North Africa.

German airfield on the southern coast of Greece.

The tent city.

Pilots get food for the flight to Africa.

Landing of Italian troops on transport planes to Africa.

Soldiers wearing life jackets.

The plane takes off into the air.

The soldiers in the cabin, one presses to the chest of the dog.

Landing in Africa.

This transport group celebrates its 150000 flight, the arch has a poster with this figure.

Unloading manpower and equipment.

Italian troops and then to El Alamein.

The plane returned for the next task.

German pilot Hans-Joachim Marseile jumps down from the cockpit of his fighter, on account of his 125 victories.

Marsal, in the circle of friends.

He received for his exploits of the Knight's cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel and field Marshal albert Kesselring talking with the Italian Marshal Ugo Cavalieri, Marshal Ettore Bastico and other Italian officers.

The Egyptian front.

Italian self-propelled travelling on the desert.

The ancient oasis of Siwa - an important base of British aviation.

German and Italian units enter into the millennial Siwa, riding cars, tanks.

The head of the Italian garrison welcomed the troops, the people raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

German artillery near the city.

Lunch in town with the locals.

Sheikh Ali, the richest man in the oasis.

The Germans treated grapes, the Arabs loaded the grapes into the machine.

The Germans bathe in Cleopatra's pool naked.

Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering on the Eastern front, visited wounded soldiers waiting to be sent home.

He inspects sanitary train before sending it to Germany.

Goering and wounded, the medical staff.

Of the Soviet Union.

The Central portion of the front of the line Smolensk-Bryansk-Kursk.

On the front lines.

The meeting at the command post.

The dilapidated building of the municipal theatre, converted by the Germans in artillery observation post.

German artillery hits the Soviet positions.

Shoot the tank.

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Reel №2

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The Central plot.

German anti-aircraft guns to repel the attacks of Soviet tanks.

Defeated the Soviet position, lying dead Soviet soldiers, Soviet tanks broken.

Military actions near Stalingrad.

It involves the 6th field army Wehrmacht Friedrich Paulus.

The movement of German troops across the steppe to Stalingrad, there is a large concentration of troops.

Water filtration for engines.

March across the Russian steppes, the boots of the soldiers whipped the dust when walking.

Bathing horses in the tributary of the don.

The horses poured out of the bucket, feed.

German soldiers caught plucked and roasted the chickens, milk the cows.

Infantry on the March in the wilderness, they cover 60 km per day.

Tanks crossing the pontoon bridge over the don.

Captured Soviet soldiers to surrender arms, run across the bridge, passing cars with German soldiers.

Start of German bombers.

Bombing Soviet positions in Stalingrad.

Explosions bombs on the ground, the view from the air.

German tanks in the attack.

German notocacti go to the Volga, Volga.

German infantry in the attack at Stalingrad.

Infantry is fixed by the railway line Stalingrad-Moscow.

German reconnaissance aircraft in the air.

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Reel №3

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Of the Soviet Union.

Military actions near Stalingrad.

German artillery shelled Stalingrad.

Panorama of the city in flames.

Soldiers on armored vehicles.

German soldiers are in the dust, smiling at the camera.

Go machine guns.

Of the Soviet Union.

The Caucasian front.

German motorized troops on the roads of the Caucasus drive past wrecked Soviet tanks.

Soldiers at rest, they drink wine, raw eggs, eating watermelon, sitting by the fence.

The foot soldiers climb onto the tank, ride, motorcycle drive past a burning house.

The Germans of Pyatigorsk, the city views from the road.

A detachment of Caucasian militia, created by the Germans.

Caucasians in hats riding on horses on the road.

The movement of German mountain-infantry units to Elbrus mountain road.

The camels with goods.

The road is blocked by a flock of sheep, shepherds drive away the herd.

On the shore of a mountain river.

On the background of the river a Caucasian in a papakha on horseback.

The Germans are on a mountain trail.

View to Elbrus.

Soldier drinks water from a mountain stream.

The ascent on snow with ski poles.

The weather station in the mountains.

The Germans at the top, set the mark.

The types of the Caucasus mountains.

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