Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 637 (1942)

Newsreel №62827, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:44, black-white
Production: UFA
Camera operators:Ditrih,Flyajshman,Gerke,Frichle,Rammeljt,Shtess,G.Vajss,H.Tejer,Derr i dr

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


German family at the table counts the costs.

The family is preparing to send a series of small packets, parcels, obviously, to the front.

Call not to overload APO unnecessary mailings, do not bring down an avalanche of letters and parcels to the post office.

The film ends with shots where soldiers reading letters from home, receive parcels.


Meeting the Führer November 9 with veterans of the National Socialist movement.

PNRM. hall of honor at Karul banners.

All rise, welcoming Hitler.


The ceremonial laying of wreaths at the grave of Horst Wessel.


The ceremony on the occasion of Memorial Day / killed by the Nazis during the coup /.

Munich Gauleiter Paul Giesler and Field Marshal Keitel at a ceremony.

Laying a wreath on the graves of the fallen to the Fuhrer.

Crown of the OKW, Keitel holds.

The ceremonial passage past the Eternal Flame.

Go soldiers.

Wreaths on the graves.

The defensive line in Norway.

Here as well as on the French coast, the English Channel and the North Sea German armed forces are in constant combat readiness to repel an attack by the enemy.

German ships in the sea, rough waters of the fjord.

German coastal fortifications.

Drill garrison.

The infantry took position on the defensive line, which stretches along the coast.

Calculation with guns.

Shoots mortar.

The shelling of alleged enemy.

Above the coast is put a smokescreen to mask.

Aircraft control the space up to the boundary of eternal ice, they were over the frozen bay.

Iceberg in the sea.

Torpedo boats closed the entrance to the individual fjords.

Torpedo battery.

Camouflaged under the farmhouses of German artillery positions in the fjord, guns.

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Reel №2

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Northern Norway.

Military exercises in the German coastal fortifications.

All Bay coast is literally packed with artillery guns of all calibres, bunkers and special weapons.

Anti-aircraft guns to protect the coast from enemy air attack.

Calculations of heavy artillery are also ready at any moment to open fire.

Along the coast it is evenly distributed runways from which can simultaneously start the Air squadron of airplanes and seaplanes.


Compounds of the German Navy guarding the coast of Norway.

Ship gun at the ready.

The Norwegian coast turned into a bastion of nepristuny, which should prevent any attempt by the enemy to break into the European continent.

Finnish front.

Renovation work in the liberated Karelia.

Logging for the construction of houses, a sawmill, production boards.

Finnish soldiers are engaged in the construction of holiday homes for families of fallen comrades.

Here, at the same time built 52 houses, which are then put on the Karelian form the foundations of the destroyed houses.

And here is another restored village.

Reet Finnish flag.

General on behalf of the Finnish troops sends the documents proving the right of ownership to the bereaved families of Finnish soldiers with a total population meeting.

Smiling woman with child in her arms.

THE USSR. Military operations near Leningrad.

Artillery fire on Kronstadt.

The explosions at the plant.

Burning Power Plant.

German artillery shelled the Soviet battleship "Marat" in the Kronstadt raid.

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Reel №3

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THE USSR. Military operations near Leningrad.

Plaque German and Finnish aircraft to Leningrad.

Bombing Leningrad harbor.

THE USSR. Stalingrad Front.

The fighting on the approaches to the city.

German and Italian troops in combat.

View of the destroyed Stalingrad.

Broken appliances and Soviet tanks on the streets, broken trams.

Captured by the Germans train with weapons.

The ruins of Stalingrad Tractor Plant, the kind of shops.

The soldiers in the trenches.


At the German-French demarcation line.

November 11 German troops begin marching through the unoccupied territory of France to the Mediterranean coast.

Speaker of this accession as a "response" to raid allies in North Africa and preparation for landing on the south of France.

Crossing the demarcation line, opens the gate at the border.

The movement of the German motorized units to the Mediterranean coast.

Residents watch the movement of troops.

Columns of troops pass through Toulouse, Narbonne and other cities in the south of France.

German soldiers on vacation.

French boys curiously resemble them.

Soldiers sitting on the parapet of the embankment, swing legs.

German tanks on the way to Marseille.

By train rides the train with fuel tanks for the Air Force.

The passage of troops on the streets of Marseille.

German tanks from the Arc de Triomphe.

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