Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 648 (1943)

Newsreel №62831, 3 parts, duration: 0:25:01, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Scientific-popular film of the series "What everyone should know", dedicated to potatoes.

Potato harvesting it on the table.

its production data from 1938 to 1942.

Animals eat potatoes and waste.

Potatoes are delivered to the store.

Tips for potato storage.

Storage where potatoes can "breathe", which are supported by the necessary temperature and humidity.

Potato Diseases.

Instructions on the need to bulkheads and proper storage of vegetables.


Signing in Berlin Sino-German economic agreements 20/01/1943 year.

The signing ceremony.

Ribbentrop and the Japanese Ambassador Oshima to sign the document.

Germany Berlin.

January 30 Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering made a speech in front of the premises of the Ministry of Aviation aviation representatives, navy and land forces.

It Goering in the retelling of the speaker to continue the struggle against the German people and the Wehrmacht as a guarantor of Europe's existence.


Close-up of pilot ace Adolf Galland.



The ceremony in the Chancellery on the tenth anniversary Hitler came to power.

Speech by Reichsleiter Dr.

Robert Ley, urging Germans to mobilize efforts for approaching victory.

Albert Speer, head of the German Labour Front and Dr.

Lei handed awards to the best workers in the rear.


Berlin Sports Palace, a traditional gathering place of Berlin's National Socialists.

Reich Minister Joseph Goebbels makes a speech to the entire German people.

The delegation of the Italian Fascist Party, led by a member of the Board of Tardini and Italian Ambassador in Berlin, Dino Alfieri followed across the hall.

Speech by Goebbels in the retelling of the speaker.

In his opening speech, Goebbels said: "We have boundless confidence in our soldiers.

Among us there is no one who is not a fanatical desire to their work, their faith in victory to make a worthy contribution to the fight. "

Finally, Reich Fuehrer's proclamation reads, in which he says that the shield is intended to protect the German Wehrmacht throughout Europe. "What would happen with all of the German people and the whole of Europe, if at the last minute Wehrmacht not put their forces against threatening Asia. "

The presidium Speer, Himmler, Rosenberg, Ley and others.


At the end of the meeting, Goebbels calls upon all people to rally under the traditional slogan of the National Socialist "Führer orders - we play."

In the hall shouts of approval, are pulling all hands in a Nazi salute.


German submarine on the way.

Reid has been going on for more than two months, all torpedoes expended.

On the revenue comes another submarine.

From the bridge transmit signals its readiness to transfer torpedoes.

Commander forwarded to her torpedoes transfer process should be discussed in detail.

Torpedo lowered into the water, and a warhead wrapped screw lifejackets from potential damage.

Seven-meter edifice carefully transported by boat.

Boat sinks to 3 meters, a torpedo to be strengthened on the upper deck.

The torpedo is between network breakwaters.

The commander gives the signal, the boat pops, and a torpedo mounted on a guide axis.

The boat continues on his way.

The alarm on the boat, the crew took their places.

The periscope is seen neutral Swedish fishing vessel, it is passed.

Show the American yacht, there are small boats on specific wavelengths have to notify the whereabouts of German submarines.

Sailboat is sunk, the crew left the ship.

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Reel №2

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The periscope is seen Swedish trawler.

Submarine miss it.

The submarine continued path.

The American boat in the ocean, the crew leaves the boat.

The submarine shoots its guns, sinking yacht.

Northern Africa.


The vehicles followed to the front past the remains of ancient buildings, ruins of the aqueduct of Carthage times.

Sapper stops the car, warning of mines, posing a plate.

At the forefront of the German troops.

German officers at the meeting.

Right Knight Knight's Cross Lieutenant Oberst Walter Koch, one of the heroes of Eben Emael.

The Arabs carry boxes of ammunition for the German units.

Respite, Germans eat local stew of lamb, try the local oranges out of the box shear.

Soldiers erase, read newspapers.

The Germans are in the trenches.

The observer climbs up on the windmill.

Camouflaged machine-gun nests, look out of hiding soldiers.

Calculation with guns.

Start a shootout.

German soldiers are moving forward.

Officers of the map.

Captured by the Americans.

German soldiers on the front line.

Padded American tanks.

A German soldier with a machete knife trophy.

German fighters fly on combat alert.

Enemy planes are attacking the German runway, breaks bombs visible.

Anti-aircraft gunners are barrage.

On the ground burns downed aircraft.

Fighters returning from a victorious flight.

The pilot, holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Captain Kurt Ubben coming out of the cab, he knocked out 101 enemy aircraft today.

Another pilot - Major Joachim Müncheberg, holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords, knocked over the flight of four British.

Field-Marshal Albert Kesselring talks with pilots.

Pilot Captain Heinz Baer tells his comrades about the flight.

Across the desert lie the smoldering wreckage of the British aircraft.

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Reel №3

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The northern section of the Eastern Front, North Karelia.

As the snow is a German horse carts on the sled.

Snow machines are clearing the road.

The soldiers clean snow shovels.

The movement of motorized columns through the woods in the deep snow.

German squad landed from truck and continued on foot.

Soldiers in the campaign.

The coming to the forefront.

Soldiers in dugouts.

General Corps Karl Vayzenberger Awards Knight's Cross Lieutenant von Einem for the excellent work of the artillery observer, and then it bypasses the formation of soldiers.

THE USSR. Battles near Leningrad.

Delivery of food and ammunition to the sleigh and trucks.

Unloading echelon of ammunition.

German heavy gun fire is the area of ​​Lake Ladoga.

The central section of the front card.

Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Colonel-General Walter Model in the position he is talking with the soldiers.

Due to frequent changes in position signalers have to perform particularly difficult task.

They lay on special poles reinforced cable that will be the connection between the command posts of the individual parts.

The signalers in the trenches, the connection is established.

Plaque Soviet aircraft.

The bombs bursting in close proximity to the German trenches.


German artillery, mortars and machine guns firing at Soviet tanks.

Counterattack German infantry, the Germans run in camouflage.

The battlefield after the attack.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery.

German soldiers a smoke.

Continued shootout.

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