Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 652-2 working material (1943)

Newsreel №62834, 3 parts, duration: 0:18:58, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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German military factory.

PNRM. shops, buildings.

The workshops are hard at work.

Working with machines that produce military weapons, equipment

THE USSR. Waffen-SS in the battles in the Donets region.

The SS in the village.

They motorcycles.

Travel past the camera standing appliances, tanks.

The SS in the village.

The shelling of enemy positions.

Shoot tank.

Explosions and fires in enemy territory.

Burning of the enemy equipment.

Soldiers with machine guns are on the snow.


Soldiers continue the path.

From soldiers.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

SS moving forward.

Fighting in a wooded area.

Tanks and infantry rvzrushennom village.

Shoot guns.

The captured town.

The prisoners.

Burning Soviet tanks.

destroyed equipment

Key words

Germany, World War 2, military industry, workers
Soviet War World 2, the troops, the SS, the military machinery, tanks, soldiers, destruction, prisoners

Reel №2

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THE USSR. The southern section of the Eastern Front.

Map south-east of Ukraine.

A herd of horses.

Pulls patrol Kalmyks.

Kalmyks with horses.

Herd of horses.

Horses grazing.

German colonies is on the road.

Refugees with their belongings and cattle.

A column of refugees.

A column of German vehicles.

They travel across the bridge.

German anti-aircraft battery.

View of the bridge.

The explosives under the bridge.

German car gets stuck in the snow.

View of a snowy landscape.

Ukrainian village.

Go German cars with the infantry.

The explosion in the forest


Tank battle.

View British positions.

Tunisia Map.

Rommel is watching through binoculars.

Shoot German guns.

View British positions.

Tanks go ahead.

Goes a German tank.

PNRM .: tanks in the desert.

Fragment of a tank battle.

Shoot the German tanks.

Last minute British tanks at sea.

Germans to help the wounded.

The destroyed British tanks.

View of the desert, littered with burning and damaged enemy tanks.

Captured by the British.

A column of prisoners

Key words

Soviet War 2 world, animals domestic, bridge, refugees, explosion
Tunisia, world war 2, military leaders, personalities, tanks, weapons, wounded, prisoners, the desert, the sea,

Reel №3

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THE USSR. Actions by German aircraft on the Eastern Front.

Snow-covered airfield.

Construction of pilots.

General awards the pilot distinguished himself.

The pilots sit on the machines.

The squadron in the air.

View Soviet territory.

Shootout with Soviet aircraft.

Fragments of air combat.

Padded Soviet aircraft


German military factory.

Operations in the tank shop.

Making special tank for the front wheels.

German motorcyclists with motorcycles on tracks in the woods, on rough terrain.

Motorcyclists riding on the road


Goering in his division "Hermann Goering".

He was with the officers.

Construction of soldiers.

Soldiers in armored vehicles.

Goering inspects armored vehicles, artillery.

Gunners show him her skill.

Goering talking with soldiers


Preparation of new reserves for the front.

German military school.

Run out students.

Building in the courtyard.

Classes on the drill.

Classes with a machine gun.

Tankers in the tank.


Activities on the ground.

Exercises shooting from rifles, granatometanii

Key words

Soviet War 2 World, generals, rewarding, Air Force, Airport
Germany, World War 2, military industry, tanks, roads
Germany, World War 2, troops, soldiers, Gos.deyateli, personalities, Goering, artillery and military equipment
Germany, World War 2, school, military, teaching, tanks, artillery

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