Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 653-2 working material (1943)

Newsreel №62836, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:01, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

THE USSR. Map of the Eastern Front / region Kiev Stalino /.

Setting and destruction of the 3rd Soviet Tank Army.

German car with guns, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks are going forward.

German infantry.


Shoot gun.

Burning buildings.

Tanks in the village.

Display the prisoner.

Burning house.

German infantry on the burning streets.


Destroyed Soviet equipment.

German fire on background.

Marines on vacation.

German chicken.

Germans drink schnapps.

The German part of moving on.

The Germans in the steppe.

Tanks go ahead.

Officers Meeting.

German planes in the air.


Marines are watching the actions of aviation.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft gunners.

The Germans in the village.

Soviet prisoners of war.

Defeated the Soviet position.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery.

Burned tanks.


The Germans are advancing.


The German tanks are going forward

THE USSR. Reflection of the Soviet assault.


In the area of ​​sea of ​​Azov, Rostov-Krasnodar.

German settlement with guns.

The gun shoots.

The Germans on the streets, in the woods.


Lights Soviet equipment.

Sea shore.

The corpses of Soviet paratroopers.

German soldiers in the bay.

Captured on a landing craft tanks, equipment debris, broken tanks.

Poluzatonuvshie Court

Key words

Soviet War World 2, military equipment, tanks, fire, soldiers, recreation, air force, explosion, prisoners, destruction
Soviet War 2 world, sea, landing, navy, weapons, explosion, tanks, military equipment

Reel №2

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Military operations in Japan, China.

Meeting some of the conference.

Map of East China.

Chinese city.

Portraits of a statesman.

Activities in Yunnan Province.

The soldiers in the forest.

They go on the road.

The local population - and birantsy Thais.

Operations south of Nanjing.

Japanese infantrymen climb the hill.

They fire at the enemy.

Fragments of the shootout.

The Japanese are a Japanese flag.

Operation in Shanxi province.

The Japanese are in mountainous terrain.

View of the mountains.

Shoot the enemy.



Tank battle.


German observers.

The Germans are among the cacti.

They are looking at photos, shave, clean weapons.

The German general greets officers.


Tanks from the oasis are going to attack.

The Germans are digging trenches.

German machinery.

The infantry on the road.

The German tanks are exchanged fire with the British.

Smoke and explosions.

PNRM. tank battle field: destroyed, wrecked and burning tanks.

The prisoners.

German tanker in the tank.


Rommel among the cacti with the generals.

He inspects the destroyed British equipment

Key words

China, World War 2, the conference, the soldiers, the people, the mountains, Gos.simvolika explosion
Tunisia, world war 2, military leaders, celebrities, soldiers, tanks, military equipment, capacity, explosion, prisoners

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