Die Deutsche Wochenschau № 654-2 working material (1943)

Newsreel №62837, 3 parts, duration: 0:02:27, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

THE USSR. Map of the eastern front of the Central station.

The winter campaign in the East.

Type of snow-covered terrain.

German airfield.

Pilots in aircraft.

Bringing them to combat readiness.

Repair of various units, replacement of wheels.

German aircraft.

Meeting at the headquarters.

General officers.

German convoy in the village.

The Germans were talking with the local population.

The convoy moves on.

Shoot mortar.

Calculation at the mortar.

The explosion at the Soviet positions.

German tank in the forest.

Burning town.

German equipment in the village.

Lead Soviet prisoners.

Destroyed Soviet positions.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

He sits down German reconnaissance aircraft.

Discussion of aerial reconnaissance data.

Reconnaissance aircraft takes off.

In the western sector.

In line Leningrad-Luga.

Powered snegouborochnvya machine.

Soldiers clearing the road of snow.

Marines in the forest.

They sent a courier to the headquarters.

German observer.

PNRM. Soviet positions.

German machine gun.

Soviet aircraft in the air.

Aiming anti-aircraft gun.

Shoot anti-aircraft gun.

Drop downed Soviet plane.

German infantrymen in the trenches.

Shootout with Soviet troops.

The infantry in the trenches under fire from enemy artillery.


Germans fleeing to the gun.

The gun shoots.


Continued shootout.


The Germans are in the trenches.

German planes in the air.


The machine-gunners.

Destroyed Soviet positions.

The corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Captured on camera.

The defeated Soviet equipment

Key words

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Reel №2


Presentation of the Knight's Cross Niderlanderu.

He is facing the camera.

He was awarded the Knight's Cross.

He's with the generals.

It bypasses sroy soldiers.


Exchange handshake

THE USSR. Strike German units between the Dnieper and Donets.

Map of the Eastern Front of the southern section.

German tanks moving on the highway.

BMP. Tanks.

German soldiers in the tank.


Shoot tank.

Destroyed Soviet tank.

Are prisoners.

Solid-mill windmill.

German observer.

German soldiers in the village.

Destruction of the Soviet machinery.

Burning tank.


The remains of cars.

General in the village.

He rewards distinguished themselves in combat soldiers.

German aircraft.

To him hung bombs.

The plane takes off.

Visible Soviet terrtoriya.

The bombing of the Soviet position.




Atlantic Wall.

of concrete and steel structures.

Map of the Atlantic coast of France.

The Germans rolled barbed wire.

The construction of fortifications.

View of the Atlantic Wall fortifications.

Huge buildings of concrete.

Barbed wire.

Machine-gun nests.


German sentry

Key words

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Reel №3


German women in munitions factories.

PNRM. construction projects.

Women go to work.

They are in the design office, on the shop floors, in different machines.

cartridges are made by them.

Their packaging

Patrol boat on duty.

They are in the sea.

Boat maintenance at courts.



Shoot the ship's guns.

Explosions in the water.

Waves fall on the boat.

Boats go ahead.


The enemy aircraft.

Padded plane crashes into the sea

Key words

Germany, the military industry, women
2 World War, Navy, Sea, weapons, explosion, BBC

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