Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 732

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Producer UFA

Operators: Angoek, Valjter Frentc, Rudoljf Verner Kirr, Hajnc Shmidt, Andre fon Piotrovski, Iohannes Arndt, Gyotc Hirt-Reger, Yanke, Kilj, Foljfgang Krimelj, Langer, Diter Liphardt, Gans-Yurgen Muzeholjd, Gans Paksman, Pfiffig i drugie.

Reel №1


Factory for the production of vegetable oil from rapeseed.

In the workshops.

Various stages of the production cycle.

Manufacture of margarine.

Packaging of finished packs with the inscription. "From domestic harvest"


Fragments of a boxing match in the German championship in the light heavyweight division in the arena named Dietrich Eckart.

The match between Richard Vogt and Heinz Seidler.

The stands filled with spectators, among them the famous fighter pilot, Colonel Hermann Graf.

Emotions spectators.

Richard Vogt on the floor.

The winner of the Heinz Seidler.

Germany. 80th anniversary of the artist Arthur Kampf 28/09/1944. He's in the studio with his monumental paintings, portraits.

His painting "Leytensky chorale".

His works are devoted to German history.


Young people in the shops of the plant, in the fields.

Harvesting in the fields.

The construction of fortifications in East Prussia.

Youth marching with shovels.


Formation of the military units of the "Hitler Youth".

Chief of the Army General Staff, Colonel-General Heinz Wilhelm Guderian and head of youth Artur Axmann on the review of the Hitler Youth.

Guderian speaks to young people, admonishes her, calls to "defend the Reich."

Young people enthusiastically welcomed the "Panzer General".

Veteran fights, one of the leaders of the "Hitler Youth" solemnly passes from hand to hand and volunteers licenses presents red stripes for the shoulder straps - a sign of volunteers differences.

Close-up of identity: "Knut is Zweig volunteered for Hitler."


At that time, both in the north and in the central part of the eastern front continued to develop resistance German front line, defensive actions of the Romanian king and his court clique brought the situation on the southern sector of the front to the critical.

After 12.09.1944 there was a capitulation of Romania after the "betrayal" of King Mihai, the Romanian troops, cowardly fled, threw the German troops in the complex, and sometimes in a desperate situation.

In heavy fighting, German troops break through the Carpathians.

Armored vehicles provide safety from the flanks.

German soldiers in combat.

They are in the village.

Digging trenches.

German anti-aircraft gunners.

German infantry on tanks in battle.

The shelling by artillery tanks.

Go German soldiers.

Portraits of German "infantry-heroes."


Führer in his headquarters takes soldiers who survived 50 battles with the enemy, many of them have been awarded the Knight's Cross.

Hitler presents Marines special gold buckle for combat service.


Night operations of single torpedo boats, manned, in the Atlantic Ocean.

German divers on one of the bases receive instructions from the commander.

Immersion in water with torpedoes.

These operations.

The explosion of an enemy ship.

Return of the sailors with combat operations.

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