Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 733

Film-document №62908 1 part, Duration: 0:12:56.014, Black-white to collection Price category G
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Part 1 digitized in HD 0:12:56

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Producer UFA

Operators: Rudoljf Verner Kipp, Vencelj Lyudeke, Voljfgang Shnajder, Gans-Ioahim Hornshu, Valjter Hyune, Angoek, Georg Fritshle, Iogannes Arndt, Aljbert Ammer, Rupert Ashenbrenner, Haller, Aljfred Voljf, Aljfred Sholjc, Martin i drugie.

Reel №1


German teenagers masters of various parts in the factory.

A young man plays the accordion for fellow workers.

Boys carry the finished parts.

Children make toys.

Sewing uniforms, and some manufacturing operations for the production of various war materials / eg, glow plugs, helmets / running on the home population.


Club Jiu Jitsu Dresden fans speaks to the wounded, as well as soldiers.

Fragments of matches.

Demonstration of techniques of attack and defense.

Western Front.

The retreat of German forces in the Netherlands.

Trucks, self-propelled guns, cars drive on the dirt road.

The tanks on the highway.

The car, camouflaged with branches.

Horse carts going around the city, the soldiers sit in raincoats.

German soldiers with bazookas.

German infantrymen in the trenches.

The onset of the Anglo-American tanks thundering explosions.

The signalers draw the line.

Connection established.

Shoot mortars.

Tankman with binoculars.

Tanks fired at the enemy.


Test subversive boats.

Motor boats on the water, there is one person.

Upon reaching the end, he leans back and jumps into the water, the boat rushes forward.

The award ceremony of the Hungarian kapiitana Knight krestamom.


Military operations in the northern Italy.

German guns on the platform is firing at the enemy.

Punitive actions of German troops against the guerrillas in the mountains.

Captured guerrillas.


The arrival of the German harbor of the ship of prisoners and internees of the civilians and soldiers of the German Africa Corps.

On the pier they met residents, waving flowers.

Hanging a banner: "Motherland welcomes you".

Nurses are injured.

Arrivals are registered by the table, get the money.

Former prisoners sit in the train.

In the window of the train wounded serves beer.

The composition of the leaves.


German flamethrower battery in action, the officer gives instructions subordinates.

Counterattack self-propelled guns and the type of "Panther" tanks.

The fighting on the outskirts of Warsaw.

The ruins of Warsaw.

The Germans on the streets.

Fragments of street fighting.

The soldier pulls a grenade in the basket.

A soldier fires a gap in the wall.

Fighting in the area with a monument.

A soldier with a flamethrower ignites home.

Ruins of buildings.

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