Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1940 № 15

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Game fragment.

Two characters in a restaurant

Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Meeting German teams and Hungary.


Among the spectators German generals

Berdsa expedition to Antarctica.

Polar ice on board the research vessel.

On the deck against the backdrop of icebergs Berds himself.

Around the ship are playing whales.

Ship in the region of eternal ice.

Since the ship is coming off machine type all-terrain vehicle.


Hunting using the network on a cat.

Dog team.

A man skiing

Celebrating the 18th anniversary of the Italian Air Force.

The airfield near Rome: aircraft built before personnel.

Before pilots passes Mussolini.

Mussolini from the aircraft.

Mussolini rewards of family members of the dead pilots: the boy in front of him and a woman in mourning, an old woman in mourning.

Aircraft in the sky

Italian Inspection Commission visited the Western Front.

Officers visit bunkers and fortifications, inspect the location of the battle, look at the enemy positions

The invention Cellulosic staple fiber.

The patent for the invention.

Working ship packed boxes.

Work in the laboratory to obtain a starting material.

The machines are mixed different substances to produce viscose.

Stretch viscose yarn winding on the bobbin.

The processes of cleaning and drying of viscose.

At the exit - cellulosic staple fiber.

Workers manually dismantled fiber

Donation of the German people.


At the urging of Hering: "The best gift for the birthday of the Fuhrer!" thousands of people are starting to take metal household items and antiques for the military needs of the Reich.

Before receiving point of all who give "gifts".

Item opens, people run.

Children, women, men sit metal figurines, chandeliers, lamps, fireplace grates, metal jewelry - all that can be useful for the military industry.

The wagons with scrap metal.

On the pier barges prepared for loading of scrap metal

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Reel №2

Return to the home of the German ship "Altmark", which is in the waters of the North Sea was attacked by a British cruiser and was seriously damaged.

Captain Dau.

The deck is built team

Training actions patrol boats intended for combat aircraft.

With the bridge saw imaginary enemy aircraft, sailors take place at the anti-aircraft guns on the deck, firing on the aircraft.

The pilot in the cockpit, the boat from the air.

Onboard arrows firing at boats.

The plane landed on the water.

Anti-aircraft gunners

Returning to the airfield fighter "Messerschmitt", which brought down the French plane.

Flyers happily meet, bear arms

On the Western Front.

Anti-aircraft battery fires on British aircraft attempting to cross the border.

Soldiers from the anti-aircraft guns.

Around an airplane breaks appear.

Aiming guns.

The plane falls.

In the woods near the smoldering remains of the aircraft are German soldiers and officers

The regimental commander, "Lions" Colonel Fuchs returned to the front after awarding him the Knight's Cross Fuehrer at the airport.

The plane crew greets the Colonel, delivers a speech.

Fuchs sits in the plane, the plane takes off

German troops in the French town of painten.

The soldiers are combing the area.

Destroyed by the French during the retreat of the railway line is repaired.

By way of recovery is the first part.

The cars are concatenated, the composition continues the way

Tank doctrine in the West shaft.

Go tanks.

The view from the tower of riding a tank.

Tanks take obstacles.

Their conventional enemy - the artillery that is firing.

Machine-gun shooting.

Tank breakthrough.

The infantry follows the tanks.

Soldiers carry the machine gun.

Disguised tank is firing.

The infantry moves

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