Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 741

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Producer UFA

Operators: Robert Daljmajer, Kurt Krigar, Ervin Erlenkemper, Karl Vajlj, Gyunter Bauh, Frikheffer, Aljbert Ammer, Gans Bashtanier, Diter Liphardt, Maj, Mezges, Gerbert Nauk, Proshovski, Geljmut Pryufer, Zaksinger, Voljfgang Shvan i drugie.

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Germany honors the heroes who died November 9, 1923 the National Socialist movement year.

Munich Gauleiter Paul Giesler and Field Marshal Keitel at the monument at the ceremony.

Crown of the Fuhrer.

On this day in all areas of German swear battalions of people's militia.

In Konigsberg East Prussia Gauleiter Koch refers to a people's militia forces, have distinguished themselves in battle.

Those militias, the elderly, the young men.

Oath at the flag.

Folksshturmovets weapons with Panzerfaust.



Newspaper headline about the organization Volkssturm Knight Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, the captain of the submarine Werner Hartmann in Torne.

Gauleiter of Danzig (Gdansk) Albert Forster bypass operation Volkssturm.

Reichsleiter, SA Obergruppenführer Wilhelm Shepman addresses a speech to the militias.

Ceremonial march militia fighters through the old Free and Hanseatic City of Danzig.



Hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the national militia gathered in Berlin on the street Vilgelmplats from the Ministry of Propaganda of the building to take the oath.

Hanging a banner: "Volkssturm fighting for his life and freedom of Greater Germany."

Joseph Goebbels and the generals on the podium.

The officer speaks from the balcony of the oath to the Fuhrer, militias repeat after him.

The ceremonial passing of Volkssturm soldiers.

Goebbels delivers a speech to fight not only at the front, but also at home.

It begins hits.

Marching soldiers with bazookas, squad in civilian clothes with rifles in their hands.

The parade watching foreign attache, Japanese Ambassador Oshima.

The passage at the Brandenburg Gate.

Western Front.

Battles with the Anglo-American forces in the Vosges.

On the line-Epinal-Nancy Delfor.

An incredible onslaught of a huge number of troops and armored vehicles Anglo-Americans are trying to budge the German front stopped.

German soldiers in anticipation of battle, a soldier reading a newspaper.

In the trenches of mud and water, infantry shovels flinging muck.

An observer looking through binoculars on the terrain.

Soldiers from the machine-gun nest shell enemy group broke on the forest land.

Shoot mortar, anti-tank gun.

The soldier looks at the sky, where there are Allied planes.

German armored flak during an air raid.

Bookmark explosive mines on the bridge under enemy fire.



Edgar Foyhtinger awards Senior Corporal Henry Maurer, distinguished himself in the fight with tanks in the short run, the Knight's Cross.

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