Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1937 № 18

Film-document №62923 1 part, Black-white to collection Price category G

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Education of young sailors on sailing ships.

Sailing ship "Gorch Fokke" and "Horst Wessel".

Sailors climb the mast and spread their sails.

Going sailing ships

Hungarian Minister of War in Berlin.

At the station, lined up the troops.

General Rede, Reich Minister, Field Marshal von Blomberg.

Hungarian Minister accompanied Blomberg lays wreaths

Exhibition "Give me 4 years" before completion.

Installation of military equipment.

Stands dedicated to the military theme.

Torpedo boat.


Shushnika visit to Venice.

Austrian bundeskantsler Shushnik accompanied by Secretary arrives in Venice on Foreign Affairs Schmidt.

Mussolini leaves the boat.

In the hall of Mussolini Shushnik Schmidt and Foreign Minister Count Ciano discuss the issue of the territories adjacent to the Danube

King George IV spends a day with the family out of town, on the lake

200 travelers depart for Germany

The raging elements in Alaska.

Huge snow mass moving down

The dangerous friendship.

Man-trainer playing with a lion

Air equilibrists Berozini work under the dome of Berlin Winter Garden

Large air hits in France.

Aerodrome Wassen.

In the sky airplanes perform different figures.

American paratrooper Klemzon.

During the jump the parachute was not disclosed, Klemzon dies

Motor Racing on the steep road.

Motorcyclists are trying to take a steep slope


Football match Germany teams and Belgium

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