Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1940 № 19

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Game fragment promotes "White Paper" as a collection of immutable documents allegedly truthfully covering the background of the war

Celebrations of the Nazis in Germany on the occasion of the "Labor Day." May 1st.

The meeting "reyhsarbaytskammer" Krupp factory in Essen.

Speech and presentation of Hess' gold banners "

Recycling of scrap metal on one of the foundries in Germany.

Bookmark scrap in the furnace melting copper ingots.

The purified copper is cast in plates and dipped into the solution for subsequent purification


Maintenance work for the grain at the elevator.

Check temperature and humidity sensors for grain fence on trial, airing hand shovels

Help charcoal.

The trains loaded with coal delivered coal from Germany to Italy.

The passage ended at the border area Brenner

Military operations in the territory of France.

German shock troops operations.

Barrage French.

A search of the French prisoners of war.

The camera captures the frightened prisoners face health care.

Prisoners at the dinner table

Military actions of the Germans to seize Norway.

Multskhema plan intended Allied invasion on the territory of Norway and a similar operation the Germans ahead in their actions allies.

The movement of German troops through the territory of Norway convoys on the roads, soldiers on motorcycles

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Reel №2

Military actions of the Nazis to seize Norway.

German units in camp, lunch.

Feeding horses.


Clash of warheads with pockets of resistance.

Artillery shelling the British position.

German infantry unit receives instructions before the fight, waiting for the order to attack.

Norwegian village, which is under fire from German artillery.


German soldiers load a gun.

The crossing of the river by the Germans with the help of inflatable boats.


The movement of German troops into the country.

Laying telephone cable.

Killed British soldiers.

Broken military equipment.

Destroyed houses, burned down the village, a bridge was blown up.

British ammunition depot captured by the Germans.

Captured British soldiers: transporting them to the assembly point in Grondhaym.

A pile of scrap metal - a broken British aircraft

The bombing of German aircraft of British military bases.

The bombers in the air.

Scottish mountain air.


Bombardment from the air British troops clusters.

The bombing of the ship.

The squadron of British ships at sea attacked by Hitler's aviation.


The winning flight of the German squadron

Key words

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