Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1940 № 23

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

German offensive on Tournai, Belgium.

The field is moving German avant-garde.

Heavy takes a position to cover the crossing.

Suburb Tour.

The soldiers are moving through the streets.

Maintenance of machine-gun fire.

Non-commissioned officer gives instructions to suppress machine-gun point.

Removed the wounded under fire.


The destruction in the city center.

The view from the Council on the destroyed neighborhoods.

Abandoned machinery.

Talks with Belgian officers of surrender.

The car with the German truce is sent to the location of the Belgian troops with the proposal razooruzhenii.


Home razooruzheniya belgyskoy army.

On the side of horse carts Belgian troops.

Captured soldiers.

Downtown, in the area of ​​the ordnance.

Alignment of the Belgian unarmed.

Wounded prisoners are assisted.

It takes a column of prisoners through the streets of Tournai.

Returns civilians.

The refugees pass through the bridge.

On the streets of the German soldiers are helping the refugees with carts to carry things.

Beautiful Belgian women.

Distribution of food from the field kitchen

German troops on the march towards the coast.

Crossing the German technology through reconstruction of the bridge.

Ruined city of Ostend.

Destruction at the station in the port.

German soldiers set on the dock gun.

The positions of German troops, the gun barrel pointing towards the sea

Key words

2 World War, Belgium, Army, wounded, military equipment, surrender, prisoners, refugees 2 World War, troops, artillery

Reel №2

The attack on Ypres and Langemark, Belgium.

German troops on the march - the promotion of transports, equipment, infantry.

The ferry troops across the bridges channels.

On inflatable boats trafficked guns of heavy artillery.

The artillery battery at Ypres.

Pointing guns and opening fire.

On the main square of fires.

Soldiers go to the counter.

The city of destruction.

German soldiers on the streets of Ypres.

Disguised Belgian bunker.

The train station, where heavy fighting took place.

The main square of Ypres.

Turret with inscriptions.

Dilapidated arch - a monument to the British, who fought in World War 1.

German Panzer leaves Ypres and goes further to Dunkirk.

Moves tanks.

German artillery firing at the enemy tanks.

Surrendering crews burnt tanks.

Combat vehicles.

The wounded and the prisoners.

French infantry surrenders.

Promotion of German tanks forward.

Killed on the road.

German trenches preserved from World War 1, roll the old helmets and weapons.

The headquarters of German troops in the open.

Rewarding distinguished soldiers.

Story awardees.

Individual soldiers close up

The balloon with the observer for Lille, Belgium.

Artillery position.

Heavy guns are firing on the outskirts of the city.

Balloon in the sky with the observer.

The fires in the city.

Scout with balloon adjusts fire strikes.

Cannon beating point-blank range.

French soldiers go to surrender

Key words

2 World War, Belgium, Army, Artillery, military equipment, fire, railroad, tanks, prisoners, Rewarding, Monuments World War 2, Belgium, ballooning, fire, artillery, troops