Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 36 (1939)

Newsreel №62962, 1 part, duration: 0:10:03, black-white
Production: Foks

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Danzig in German hands.

Installation of prickly barrages around the city from possible attack of the Polish forces

The funeral attack aircraft killed Joseph Wessel Installation of prickly barrages.

The funeral procession.

Refugee Volksdeutsche.

Burning houses, ravaged by the Poles, killed livestock, the ruins of the houses on the site.

City afraid.

Damaged homes.

One of the Volksdeutsche gives interview

"Liberation" of Danzig.

Members of the British government in Downing Street, which according to the speaker put his hand to the outrages in Danzig.

Residents Danzig read a declaration of liberation of the city by Adolf Hitler.

Commissioner of National Union, who ruled Danzig, Dr.

Burke is leaving office building.

Above the town government agencies blowing flags with a swastika.

There is a shootout.

German soldiers used armored personnel carrier opened fire from flamethrowers.

In the courtyard of the fire


Meeting dedicated to the liberation of Danzig, Hitler called a meeting of the Reichstag.

There is a meeting


Login German troops liberated Danzig.

Residents enthusiastically welcome them.

technology Travel on the street decorated with Nazi symbols

The Reich is preparing for war with England.

To darken the shutters on the windows are hung, residents handed out gas masks.

The boys of the Hitler Youth fill up sandbags at the Pergamon Altar, set beams, reinforce window.

The position of anti-aircraft troops in Berlin.

Mobilization of reservists.

Leaving them on the machines.

The factory of military industry.

Piping gun barrel.

Transporting trunks.

Stacked in piles of trunks.

The assembly carriages flak

Before the attack on the German-Polish border.

German cavalry pass the German-Polish border.

The march of the infantry.

Removed the barrier on the road, removed the Polish coat of arms - the road is open to Poland

The fighting in Poland.

In the battery of German artillery.


The attack of German infantry.

Polish strengthening with traces of German shells.

Abandoned Weapon Poles.

Downed plane.

German convoys on the streets of the town.

Fires in homes.

Promotion of the German military equipment.

A column of soldiers with his hands up.


Driven several people responsible for the death of Volksdeutsche.

On the street a few Poles in the cordon.

German soldiers searched a man, take him.

Escorted convoy of Polish men in civilian clothes.

Among them are Jews, mostly elderly.

A group of Jews in the back of a truck.

I interned at the camp.

Chronicle of 1918, the then refuting rumors that German troops crushed the Polish shrine - Black Madonna of Czestochowa.

The church ceremony in England.


German soldiers in the courtyard of the cathedral.

Cathedral inside.


unharmed on the icon view.

The march of German troops.

Passage of the art.

Blow up the bridge.

German sappers on the restoration of the bridge and blow up railway tracks.

Pontoon bridge.

Restoring a large arched bridge.

Transportation vehicles on the wooden flooring.

German Military aircraft in the air.


Film negatives with a spy plane.

Officers consider them, say, clarify something

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