Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 39 (1937)

Newsreel №62968, 1 part, duration: 0:11:10, black-white
Production: Foks

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Funeral of Tomas Masaryk.


Lana near Prague Castle, where he died on 88 year of life, President Masaryk.

Presidential quarters.

Masaryk dead in bed.

The coffin on a pedestal.

Guard of honor.

Farewell at the Palace.


Carrying the coffin.

Senior officials, military leaders, foreign diplomats.

The funeral procession on the streets of Prague.

Residents in the national costumes.

The coffin on a gun carriage.

Relatives of the deceased beyond the grave.

Vltava, the Old Town, the funeral procession on the bridge.

The station, a coffin on a railway platform

China, the battle for Shanghai.

Japanese aircraft bombed the city.

Artillery positions, shooting at the planes.

The fires in the city.

Ruined neighborhoods.

The streets of Shanghai.

Damaged largest hotel of Cathay.

A building with broken windows.

Air raid, the inhabitants fled with things

GO Doctrine in Berlin.

At a signal from the air-raid training Berliners flee into bomb shelters.

Deserted streets, stopped traffic.

Aircraft over the city, low over the houses.

Dropping training bombs on the city.

Smokescreen mimics fire.

On the roof of educational incendiary bomb.

Work GO units.

The wounded on stretchers.

For the actions of civilian departments observe the Chinese officers.

Firefighters liquidate the seat of the fire and clean the street from toxic substances.

Work on the dam liquidation

The inventor demonstrates the artificial bird.

Bird waving steel wings.

Model takes off.

A flock of geese.

Model lands

Regatta gondoliers.

Venice, the Grand Canal.

Rowers in the gondolas.


Details of gondolas.

Gondolas pass under the bridge

Berlin, White and Blue Square.

Meeting tennis between German and American Myuslyaynem Filzenom

Athletics teams Sweden and Germany.

Berlin Olympic Stadium.


Running, javelin, shot put.

Wolke champion in the shot put.

Long jump

The final day of the congress - Day of the Wehrmacht on the Zeppelin-Wiese.


Stadium, where the Nuremberg Rally passes.

Military units in the field equipment.

Hitler in the car toured the stadium, mounts the rostrum.

Tank hits.


Wehrmacht Division mimic the fighting.

Foreign guests.

Aircraft on the field, anti-aircraft guns are firing at the planes.

Hitler takes hits.

Sweet Hitler.

Foreign commanders.


Key words

Czechoslovakia, Funeral, President, Gos.deyateli, Warlords
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Inventors, invention, Ballooning, Bird
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Germany, Sports
Germany, Sports
Germany, Congress, the Nazi Party, Parade, troops, Hitler, Air Force, tanks, military leaders

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