Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1939 № 42

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Producer Foks

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Destroyed buildings, bomb craters.

On a street barricade - which lies across the tram.

Manufacturing plant: naked structure, funnel debris.

Polish Jews are working on removing the debris.

Restoration of buildings.

Workers put brick.

German soldiers are clearing the road.

Polish village.

Farmers at work.

Women with children, prisoners harvesting rutabaga.

Restoration of the railway line Koenigsberg - Warsaw and Warsaw - Breslau.

The train passes through the railway track


Cleaning of grapes on the Rhine, near the Vestvalda.

Golf: working women, protect their soldiers with rifles

Opening of the Vienna Fair.

Pavilions of different countries.

The head of the German delegation Reich Industry Punk opens the fair speech.

The pavilion engineering, automotive working machines


It takes the traditional trade fair.

Demonstration of the new saw.

There stands von Neurath


At the airport lands Swedish aircraft.

Terminal building.

Checking luggage and tickets at customs.

On the runway Plane Danish


Construction of the western line-Bahn.

The work in the tunnel.

There is a mounting station.

Network Map Bahn.

Rally to mark the opening of the line.

Speech Reich Minister of Transport Dr.


The arrival of the first train.

Travel through the tunnel

England. 15 October.

The English ship "Roylok" sunk in the bay Skapaflo German boat

The ships of the German Navy military in the North Sea.

Sailors at the guns.

Delayed Norwegian freighter "Toratre".

search team coming on board.

Verification of documents.

German patrol boat.

Stopped Estonian corral "Aarne".

On board the search.

Found prohibited cargo.

The vessel is transported to the port

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