Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1939 № 44

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Producer Foks

Reel №1

Game fragment

Ballet School.

German Opera House in Charlottenburg.

Students of the Ballet School of the scene in the dressing room

In the forest, deer and elk.

Fighting two moose

American merchant fleet.

Vessels equipped with flags large to ship, waging war countries have seen their neutrality.

The ship 'President Roosevelt' extending from the pier


After logging in, Poland, Slovak troops return home.

The town of Bad Christian: State President Dr.

Tizo welcomed the troops, rewards individual soldiers, generals.

Slovak troops parade before the President

Restoration of railway lines.

East Prussia.

The station, the train-Birshau Schneidemuhl.

Reich Minister Dr.

Dortmyuller sent to the restored segment of the path.

Built Bridge.

Sappers on the bridge structure welcome

Western Front.

General von Brauchitsch visited divisions of German troops


Following the model of Germany is introduced labor conscription.

Work on the construction of the road in Eastern Hungary

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Reel №2

Western Front.

General von Brauchitsch awards distinguished soldiers.


Soldiers on vacation



With the German positions on the position of French troops saved into balloons with leaflets.

Playing a German orchestra.

The soldiers set the speakers.

Preparing transporant with an inscription in French yazye "Why do you fight?".

German soldiers in the construction of fortifications.

The French territory beyond the Rhine, bunkers destroyed houses.

German sappers detonate booby traps

German regiment on the coast.

Open the hangar.

Mechanics roll out reconnaissance aircraft.

Flight preparation: inspection machine gun, inserting a tape, set the machine gun, hanging bombs.

The plane takes off on water skis.

Is flying over the sea, on fishing vessels, the Norwegian steamer.

Reconnaissance aircraft found enemy ships, sends the message to the ground.

Aircraft-bombers dropped bombs in the town Skapaflo.

Dive on the English coast

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