Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 46 (1938)

Newsreel №62982, 1 part, duration: 0:12:10, black-white
Production: Foks

Reel №1

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Arrival of Hitler.

Passage through the streets, accompanied by the jubilation of the Nazis.

Hitler salutes the crowd from the balcony of the building "Elephant House".

Parade Nazi party formations Thuringia Karl Square

Sending of Italian colonists in Libya.

Planting them in the steamer.

Departure of transport vessels.

The parade of ships before the warship, which is Mussolini.

Libya from the air.

The arrival of Italian immigrants in Tripoli, where they were received by Marshal Balga.

Equestrian statue of Mussolini, installed in the port.

Transportation immigrants into the country.

Built in the desert village

The celebration on the occasion of the baptism of the daughter of Goering's residence Karinhall.

There Hitler

Blasting work on the construction of the motorway in the Berlin area

The Spanish Civil War.

Franco's airfield in Saragossa.

Suspension bombs.

The bombing of the Republican troops at the front at Ebro

Joining Sudeten Nazi party in Germany.

Arrival Hess in Reichenberg for "lighting" an instrument of accession.


Statement by Konrad Henlyayna and Hess

The signing of the representatives of the fascist states, Italy and Germany, the act of transfer of the Danubian territory of Czechoslovakia for use Horthy Hungary.


Crowds of pro-fascist-minded people.

Enthusiastic meeting Goering.

Meeting Ribbentrop and Count Ciano.

Signing of

Capture troops Horthy Hungary, part of the territory of Czechoslovakia, participants of the Munich agreement dismembered.

Hungarian soldiers to break the Czech border boundary markers.

The troops on the march.

Arrival Horthy

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