Fox Toenende Wochenschau № 48 (1936)

Newsreel №62984, 1 part, duration: 0:11:13, black-white
Production: Foks

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

King Constantine's funeral.

Athens, Greece.

Cruiser, carrying the coffin with the body of the king.

On the pier priest and senior officials.

The men carry the coffin.

King George Greek and heir to the throne Prince Paul.

The funeral procession moves down the street

An explosion at a gunpowder factory.

Southern France.

Territory Samashan gunpowder factory.

Crowds of workers, among them the walking wounded.

On stretcher endure seriously wounded.

Behind the fence of his wife and the children of workers.

A memorial service.

Members of the French government.

The coffins, covered with the national flag.

Lebrun President expresses condolences to the victims' families

King Edward VIII visited poor peasants quarters.

England, Southwood.

The King and his entourage among workers Southwood.

House of the poorer quarters.

Construction of new houses for the poor: the king puts his own cement.

Industrial area.

Stopped factory steel industry Daoulas.

The remaining workers without a job at the plant.

King talks to them

Roosevelt thanked his electors.

Roosevelt The car rides on a busy street.

Roosevelt welcomed their compatriots.

Roosevelt in front of the camera

The parade of troops to the Indian Viceroy.

Decorated column: festivities on the occasion of joining the majority of the significant Indian prince

Pioner cinema. 70th anniversary Oscar Mester.

His student Carl Froehlich congratulates him on his birthday in front of the camera.

Newsreels: 1913, Berlin, army, hussars parade.

The arrival in Berlin of King Edward VII. Austrian King Franz Josef is ahead of its troops in the parade under Shenburnnom.

Opening the channel name of Kaiser Wilhelm.


Oscar Mester works behind the camera.

The operator, standing on the roof of the car.

Chronicle of secular life: a carnival, vacationers at the tables, dance floor.

The operator takes the stage in the pavilion of the ball.

lighting work.

The interior of the hall

The trainer works with lions

Walter Nozel wins Ford.

Stadium in London.

Boxing ring.

Meeting boxers.

Judge Max Schmeling

paint Advertisement

Skiers and off the slope of the mountain.

Ski Jumping

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