Aus Dem Generalgouvernement Filmbericht 1941 № 20569

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Reel №1


Occupied Poland.

German police, traffic police check documents of drivers of motor vehicles on the streets


Collection of vegetables and fruits in Ukraine


Work on the construction of roads

SSSR.Sovetsko-German front / Murmansk /.

The action of the German air force.


The raid on the military facilities of Murmansk.

Wieden city.

Air raid on the White Sea-Baltic Canal


The Soviet-German front.

The arrival of Hitler to the front.

Meeting him at the airport


German offensive on Nikolaev.

Battles for Odessa.

Attack of German tanks and infantry.

Joining forces in Nikolaev.

View of the city.

Tendencial show homes.

Fire train


The central portion of the Soviet-German front.

Capture Germans Gomel

SSSR.Severny portion of the Soviet-German front.

The rapids of the River Narva.

Types of Novgorod.

The entry of the German troops.

The German soldiers were on vacation.

The Luftwaffe bombed the railway Moscow-Leningrad.

Visible gaps bombs


Polish Province.

Examination of documents on the road.

Trams, cars on the streets of the town

Women in the garden to pick apples and berries.

Baskets of harvest.

Woman eating apple


At the curb-tanks.

Repair work on the road. "Rink" Rams rubble

The earth, the mountains, the river from the air.

Falling bombs.


The explosions on the ground.


SSSR.Karta Eastern Front.


Bombs fall on the ground.


Hitler with officers passes along the ranks of fighters, its welcome.


Russian residents of the village welcomed the German soldiers.

Women with children in their arms, with flowers.

Black smoke, tanks in the field

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Reel №2

SSSR.Pozhary in the Russian town.

Soviet military port, seized by the Germans.


Smolensk and others.

Beggar Russian family in a humble hut.


The battle.

Lit train.

The Germans throw grenades.

Fight in the forest.

Ruined Smolensk.

Sovestky prisoners, sitting on the ground.

The prisoners behind barbed wire.

Women peeling potatoes.

Horse carts.

Antiaircraft guns.

Rough River.


The destruction and fires in the city.

Destroyed buildings Starn.

The Germans have a rest.

The cameraman-pilot

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