Bavaria Tonwoche 1935 № 10

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Reel №1

It is the beginning of a new tradition.

Deputy Lord Mayor Dr. honorary patronage for the first time sends a letter to Berlin.

In the office of a woman with a newborn baby mayor at the front.

Issued child diploma

The exercises of the Reichswehr in Allgoyskih Alps.

A column of soldiers moving on snow-covered terrain.

Equipment soldiers - air cylinders.

The observer adjusts the shooting of cylinders.

Maintenance of machine-gun fire

Skiers on mountainside


There is a repair Coliseum.

Workers on Safety harnesses clean off the dust from the wall

Old Japanese folk festival in the temple in Chichibu Yokkaychi.

Mummers Parade through the city to the temple.

On wagons played scenes from folk life

The invention of the French engineer "netonuschaya" motorboat.

Motorboat with a captain sinking under water.

Upon surfacing, the captain alive and nevridim

Jumbo the Elephant and alcohol.

Elephant at the table.

The waiter brings him a strong drink. "Drunk" elephant overturns a table and falls to the ground

Canadian twins.

The parents and five children in cribs

Construction of the dam Boulder / USA /.

Above the excavation of the dam in the cabin lift.

Excavations carried out manually


Tomb of Horst Wessel.

Garland holds a division of the National Socialist Party

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Reel №2

The historic day - the 15th anniversary of the founding of the National Socialist Party.

In the whole of Germany are to swear allegiance to the new party functionaries Hitler.


In Lyustgartene a speech Goebbels.

Hess says the words of the oath, the crowd echoed

Liberation Day of the Saarland.



There Goebbels.

Raising the Nazi flag.

The balconies are posted fascist and state flags.

Speeches, the crowd chanted.

Directions motorcade, Hitler in the first car.

Parade near his car.

Pass units, attack, EDA companies

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