Aus Dem Generalgouvernement Filmbericht 1944 № 22513

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Reel №1


Spring plowing in Poland.

Tractors and plows in the field.

potato Planting


Parade in Madrid on the fifth anniversary of Franco's victory.

Franco on the podium.

The Spanish army in the ceremonial march


Berlin racetrack.

The opening of the spring season.



Lublin stud.

Checking the horses before the spring jumps


Dutch circus "Strassburger" tour in Brussels.

Trained horse tamer tiger, aerialists


Dresden Zoo after the American bombing.

Animals in flats residents.

Monkey from the famous traveler Grzhimek


Lofoten Islands.

Fishermen buy gear.

Seiners go to sea


Training workshops in Poland.

Students in workshops, laboratories, classrooms.

Lifting, grooming, exercise, breakfast

SSSR.Vyhod group of German troops from Soviet boiler near Kovel.

Dropping food and ammunition to the besieged.

Panorama Kovel.

Railway workers on the front line.

The armored train in combat.

The tanks break through the encirclement.

Suburbs Kovel.

Fight in the streets.

Defender General Gille city welcomes "liberator" -Colonel Hoffmann

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