Ostland Woche № 23323 (1943)

Newsreel №63222, 1 part, duration: 0:08:04, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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The Commissioner-General of Latvia Oskars Dankers with SS Major General Walter Schroeder, Lieutenant-General Karl-Friedrich Count von Pückler-Burghausen, Riga commandant Major General George Bamberg, Inspector-General Rudolf Bangerskis in the residence take the members of the Latvian Legion.

Dankers stands in front of them a speech, one of the Legionnaires' says the reply.

Legionnaires at the solemn meeting in the hall.

Girls in national costumes handed them flowers.

Legionnaires at the factory, the performance of the workers.

The soldiers handed the new radio.

The head of the French state Marshal Pétain presents the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of War Portuguese Antonio de Oliveira Salazar highest award of France - Legion of Honor.

Peten read the text, put on the tape and the Order of the Minister.

Oliveira makes a speech response.

In Antwerp, the square parade passes in front of the police detachments hall.


Henrik Elias, head of the Flemish fascist National Union, reports the commander of the police 40 new banners.

View on three soldiers at the standard of the "German police".

The ceremonial passage of troops with banners.

In Bilbao in the presence of the State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry was opened Alberti exhibition showing the achievements of the Spanish economy.

Visit the exhibits, view of the machines, machine tools.

Layout terrain on which the vehicle moves.

Showcase factory for the production of gas masks.

Masks of various modifications.

Mannequin soldiers in a gas mask.

In the vast fruit plantations Holland goes harvesting apples.

Women gather apples in the basket.

Boxes and baskets of fruit set on the platform, which is manually driven along the rails.

PNRM. the vineyards.

Under the Brussels laid 30 thousand greenhouses, where the grapes are grown.

Cutting of bunches of grapes with scissors.

Belgium exports to 15 million.


The grapes in greenhouses, it is placed in the boxes.

At lunchtime girl eating grapes.

Boxes carry on wheelbarrows, weighed and sent to the truck.

Shteyermarka Farmers celebrate the end of agricultural work.

On the street there is a brass band, go carts with ornate peasants.

The carts grown harvest: pumpkin, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables.

It goes with the cart pulled by oxen.

on parade view.

People eat apples, grapes.

In the area of ​​festivities.

Around the pole with ribbons perform the national dance.

Corsica, a view of the port.

Loading the ship machinery, tools, wounded.

At the shore is a semi-submerged ship.

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