Ostland Woche № 23580 (1943)

Newsreel №63229, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:44, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Camp labor groups in the Latvian flag on the mast Reichsarbeitsdienst (EDA) with a pattern spikes and shovels.

Arrival at Camp minister Reichsarbeitsdienst Constantine Girlie (Heerlen) during his visit to the eastern occupied countries.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers with shovels in their hands together with arbaytsfyurerom Major General CA Ayzenbekom.

Girlie with Ayzenbekom Gebietskommissar Medem and go up the stairs, they welcomed the inspector general Bangerskis, they bypass the guard of soldiers.

Former soldiers of the Latvian labor service are now soldiers of the Latvian SS Legion.

Indicative gunners teachings, Girlie, Bangerskis and commander of the 15th SS Grenadier Division Pückler-Burghausen present at the exercises.

Gunners deploy a weapon, shoot.

Barracks Latvian volunteers Labour Front in Riga, they ran out of the barracks are built.

Ayzenbek bypass operation, speaks to soldiers with speech.

Soldiers sitting on benches.

Labour Front Marching Soldiers with shovels in their hands.

Close-up Arm.

Regatta national socialist sports organization at Riga.

The flag pattern anchors on the swastika.

Sailboat on the water judge.

Residents and military cheer for the athletes.

Floats tourist steamer.

In Zurich, in an art gallery, an exhibition of foreign art, which presented 700 paintings and sculptures that We gave a clear picture of the development of European art from the late Middle Ages to the present.

Customers in the halls examined paintings by European artists, etchings, engravings, Impressionist paintings, sculpture.

Under the sign of cultural unity and collaboration of the European nations in Hungary in the city Derbetsene opened Summer University.

On the facade of hanging flags of different countries.

The lectures on various disciplines attended by 200 foreign and 600 Hungarian students.

The Mayor greeted the students, opening the work of the University.

Female summer camp for girls of the Spanish youth organizations.

She hits the bell, the gallery run pansionerki.

Hoisting the flag on the ruler.

Camp Motto: discipline and creativity.

Girls marching team.

Lunch in the dining room.

Leisure activities: girl at the table read, embroider.

In the camp are sport - playing volleyball, hiking on terrain.

A group of girls coming to a big cross on the beach, praying beside him.

On Mount Athos are numerous monasteries.

In his spare time, the German part of the visit of the monks in the surrounding area.

To shore racing boat with German soldiers.

the mountain and monastery of view.

Soldiers bypass the monastery, talk with the monks, then return to the boat.

Marshal Antonescu and his wife visited a German hospital in Romania, greeted with medical personnel.

The balconies are wounded, Marshal welcome.

Antonescu of the outdoor pool, which held the match injured at sea.

Swim nurses.

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Reel №2

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parade offices of the French "People's Party" self-defense in Paris.

The troops with banners marching from the Arc de Triomphe, laying flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The ceremonial passing of the Champs-Elysees in front of the party leader Jacques Doriot, who is standing in an open car.

Collection of the Nazis in one of the halls of Paris.

In the front row sat the wounded in the Russian members of the French Legion.

Doriot speaks about the defense of Europe, together with the German army.

The Dutch who voluntarily joined the ranks of European fighters against Bolshevism, brought a solemn oath.

German generals and officers bypass the guard of Dutch volunteers, watching taking the oath.

Those soldiers in the ranks.

Speech officer.

Children's homes in the Netherlands, where there is an exemplary concern for the family members and, in particular, the children of warring in the east of the Dutch.

Entertainment for the children, they are swinging on a swing.

The children handed out sandwiches and bottles of soda water.

Distribution of porridge into bowls, children sit at long tables in the air eat.

Presentation of puppet theater for children with the hero Petrushka.

Restoration and commissioning of the coal mines in the Donbas.

Work on the construction.

Resumption of work in the mine, miners lift cage with.

Miners at work.

Out of the miners out of the mine.

Soldiers in the special holiday home near the front near Riga.

Jumping into the water from bridges, soldiers bathed the dog.

Swimming in the boat, on a yacht.

Soldiers sunbathe, play cards, throwing the ball in a circle with a nurse, playing table tennis.

Who are tinkering toys, cut out of wood.

The soldiers at the table drinking coffee, the girls serve them.

Spanish soldiers depict playful bullfight.

To the music of the soldiers perform comic team: clap, raise their hands, up the queue.

Military operations south of Lake Ladoga.

Tanks in the marshland.

Deliveries to the front ammunition armored vehicles in parts.

With armored dump boxes, the soldiers dragged them into the trench.

A soldier with a mine creeps out from under the tank, gets into the trench, and the other throws a grenade.

Digging anti-tank ditches and construction roadblocks German soldiers.

Mina made a road mined.

Trucks passing through specially left "gates".

German ammunition dump in the woods, they are loaded onto trucks.

Actions German artillery battery, a view of the large caliber guns.

Extra point bagged shells.

German long-range guns on railway platforms in action on the eastern front.

The armored train composition with shells.

Feed shells and gun charge on the platform.

The name on the gun: "Thor."

Platform with a gun rides on rails.

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