Ostland Woche 1942 № 23785

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Producer UFA

Reel №1

Landscape with a River.

Dam on the river made of poles.

From the platform on the dam fishing eels produced using large wicker baskets in which fish for puts.

The factory, which processed fish.

Women cut up the fish, placed on a board, smoked in kilns.

Salting fish in the banks, which put under the press.

Cleaning the tobacco harvest, working women and adolescents.

Women strung on twine leaves.

Men carry a bunch of leaves in the barn and hung out to dry.

Caudillo Franco, together with the General Secretary of the party "Spanish Phalanx" Jose Luis de Arres visited province in the north.

They are on board a small vessel.

On the banks of Franco greeted residents and sailors.

Franco circumvents formation of soldiers.

motorcade rides through the streets of the city of Vigo, Franco and Arres travel in a car while standing, the population welcomed the guests.

Franco made a speech from the podium in front of the crowd in the square.

The ceremonial passing Phalangists with a huge array of flags in front of Franco.

In Latvia, there are works on land reclamation.

A river runs excavator, working with shovels digging the ground.

In place of the works come officials.

On cultivated lands goes plowing horses.

People stand at the board with the plan area, the engineer tells them about the works produced.

The Secretary-General Devinters (?) Gives a speech to the workers troops.

He scoops up grain by hand from the bowl, which holds the first farmer and throws a handful of the earth.

On arable land are sowers.

In Nuremberg, the army passed athletics competitions.

An athlete jumping over a horse.

Lieutenant Kruytsik performs exercises on uneven bars, shooting rocking.

Competitions on the crossbar.

The spectators in the stands.

In Stockholm, in an outdoor stadium are athletics competitions.

Competitions on the run wins champion Sweden Gustav Peterson.

Commentator at the microphone.

Throwing core men Erickson throw.

Running the 100 meters, the athlete puts a new record, throws his comrades at arms.

Visitors to the exhibition industry.

Demonstration of machines for molding bricks.

Table with metal utensils for cafes, dishes are vegetables.

The Venice film festival European countries.

St Mark's Square, the square stand boards with posters of the film festival.

Posters at the cinema, advertising films "Komachchio", "Carmela" directed by Flavio Kalzavara, German film "The Great King".

Gondolas floating on the canal under the bridge.

View of the promenade, with its palaces, sculpted stela with a lion - the symbol of the festival.

Arrival Reich Propaganda Joseph Goebbels at a film festival, it comes out of the boat straight to the ground in front of the palace.

In the crowd are film actors, well-dressed crowd.

On a scenic backdrop in gold letters is a list of victims of Cinematographers Italy.

Minister of Culture of Italy Alessandro Pavolini award prizes.

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Reel №2

Map of the Coast of the USA and Canada.

Flight German submarine to the US coast.

Ahead of the boat out of the water jumping dolphins.

Gen. submariners during the voyage, the sailors in the forecastle playing cards.

Kok fry donuts, gives them the sailors.

Boat at the mouth of the Strait of St.


The officer looks through the periscope, seen from the shore, the mountains and buildings.

The emergence of the American convoy in the Strait.

The boat is declared an alarm, the command takes place according to schedule combat.

Preparation and launch torpedoes, American tanker fire.

Padded tanker burns.

A central portion on one of the positions.

Consequences of fierce fighting.

The whole area is divided by bombs and grenades, the ruins of the destroyed village.

German soldiers making their way across the field, climb over the reinforcement wall fragments.

The soldiers in the trenches firing on Soviet positions.

Soldier shoots a gap in the brick wall.

German artillery strikes on Soviet tanks, a direct hit to the tank.

The German tanks are on the attack, in the form of the tank opening.

The capture of the Soviet position.

Caucasian Front.

German artillery fires at settlements across the river, the distance can be seen exploding shells, broken homes.

There is offensive in Novorossiysk.

German soldiers advancing on the corn field, carry a machine gun, shoot out of a cannon.

Heavy firing along the road, through which run across the Soviet soldiers.

Flak hits the ground.

The massive raid of German bombers in Novorossiysk.

Shooting from the port area of ​​the aircraft, the bombs are flying into the goal.

The pilot in the cockpit looks down.

Bombing Soviet anti-aircraft artillery, shooting from the air.

Air battle.

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