Ostland Woche 1944 № 24429

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Reel №1

Standartenführer SS Alfons Rebane, commander of the 45th Regiment of the 20th Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian) was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with oak leaves, at a meeting with the Director General for Home Affairs of Estonia Dr Hjalmar Mäe at his residence, present at the meeting in Estonia General Commissioner Karl Littsman, the conversation with the hero.

Rebane at home drinking tea with his wife, he shows her a newspaper.

Often in the reports referred to the Supreme Command 19 Waffen Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS (2nd Latvian, who was noted especially on the eastern front, the Division is billeted in the village.

The division commander SS Oberführer Hinrich Schuldt met with the commander of the 42 th SS Grenadier Regiment, 19th Division Standartenfiihrer SS Waldemar Weiss, they talk at the house, they shake hands.

Weiss passes position, talking to a soldier.

Japanese Ambassador Hiraki arrives for a meeting with Mussolini.

It bypasses the operation of the guard of honor, held in the residence of the Duce, he is greeted by officials.

Duce hosts.

Italian Rally ambassador meets with Mussolini before leaving for Japan.

Home Apartment Fuhrer.

Arriving at a meeting of the German generals and admirals, including Manstein, Küchler.

The generals are talking in the courtyard.

Along the path there is a Hitler, accompanied by Field Marshal Keitel and Admiral Doenitz, all sent to the stake.

Marshal Pétain attends Annamites work camp (Vietnamese), located in Vichy.

Annamites line up along the walls of the barracks.

Petain trays national food, flowers.

Marshal bypass system, takes place in the chapel, at the exit of its expected priests bow to him.

Scientists at the Madrid fire.

Check machines from the garage, the fire bell rings to.

Putting out a fire in a building, firefighters climb up the ladders.

Fire moved along the rope to the car, down the stairs, showing acrobatic skills.

Victim assistance in the building.

The descent to the ground on a long canvas, stretchers with the wounded descend on a rope.

Meeting boxers Karelzisa (?) And Van Doring in Brussels the match.

Van Döring wins on points.

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Reel №2

German pilots train Italian pilots of the German tactics of attack.

After receiving instruction, the Italians make a training flight.

German fighter pilots in the homeland.

The famous German pilot Captain Walter Nowotny, accompanied by his friends walking down the street of the city, residents welcomed the heroes.

Pilots had an excursion in a munitions factory.

They watch the progress of the work, talk with the workers, many of whom are women and young people.

West line Zhitomir-Kirovograd, Nikopol.

Soldiers holidaymakers returning to the front in the train.

Issuance of dry rations to the soldiers on the road at one of the food items.

Soldiers rest, wash, wash, shave, go into the cars.

Nurses waved after the departing train.

The train moves on a snow-covered steppe.

The arrival of the military echelon to the final station, the soldiers are recorded in a special paragraph.

They are sent to their units with the help of various types of associated transportation: trucks, sleds.

Soldiers are on the way, at one in the hands of the lamb.

Again with the front-line comrades, vacationers share their impressions about the holiday, show pictures of loved ones.

Soldiers throw mates sitting in the hut, snow, merry starts a fight in the snow.

Meeting of officers before the attack.

Tank connection took their starting positions on the field in one of the Russian villages.

Soldiers go on the attack.

He lit a huge haystack.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

German sappers Demining field, marked signs with the inscription in German: "Caution, mines!".

German artillery in action.

Burning captured village, smashed the Soviet tanks and guns on the battlefield.

Battle of Monte Cassino.

Types of Monte Cassino and the surrounding area.

The raid US bombers, explosions are heard in the city.

German soldiers in camouflaged dugouts.

Upcoming German forward units encountered with American intelligence agents shootout begins.

German soldiers inspect them killed a US soldier.

Captive "language" leads to the location of the German troops, conduct the interrogation.

Home Germans shelling.

German artillery spotter conducts observation of the shooting.

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