Ostland Woche № 25071 (1944)

Newsreel №63311, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:25, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Latvian adolescents are written by volunteers in paramilitary unit.

Visit their doctor.

The boys are marching to the barracks, get uniforms.

Teen puts on a cap, smiling.

Officer to volunteer systems.

The commander of the SS troops in Ostland SS-Obergruppenführer Walter Kruger arrives at the location of the troops of the Latvian volunteers, welcomes his corporal, shaking hands.

Krueger oversees the military exercises of soldiers in the forest.

The soldier wears a helmet, camouflaged with branches, crawling along the ground.

Soldiers jogging, shooting rifles, machine guns.

Officers observed the exercises.

Soldiers throw training tank firebombs, burning one.

The soldier runs to the tank with a mine, laid it under armor.

The soldiers crouch in the trench, an explosion is given.

The soldiers throw grenades, shoot a mortar, Panzerfaust.

Soldiers near the broken tank.

Signalman plays the trumpet retreat.

Kruger refers to the ranks of soldiers, shakes hand to the commander, then leaves.

President of the Berlin police Count Gelldorf produces review firefighter teams.

It takes a report, commissioned bypasses fire, chatting with them, watching the maneuvers fire brigades.

Firefighters run up the cars, unwind the hose connecting the pipes, open water.

Go firefighters in special protective suits and gas masks.

Gelldorf speaks to the systems.

The ceremonial passage of fire brigade.

Marshal Petain is touring the cities of France affected by Allied air raids.

The cortege of cars traveling through the streets of the city, residents welcomed the marshal.

In Lyon Petain visited the hospital where the wounded lie after raids residents.

He talks to a wounded woman.

Marshall examines the ruins of the city, talking with residents.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The priests of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, escaped from the Bolsheviks found at the German authorities shelter and protection.

In the presence of SS Gruppenführer Gille, was awarded the Order of the Iron Cross with diamonds, German military authorities handed over to representatives of both churches church values, the saved in Kovel German army.

PNRM. on the icons, church utensils.

Crest organization "Falcon" from Kovel with the image of the Virgin.

The Germans talk with the priests.

Military exercise to the students of the German Infantry School.

Final lesson on the ground.

Students, camouflaged with branches in the forest.

Face soldier in a helmet in the grass and flowers, he looks through binoculars.

Students establish the tools of their charge.

Shooting from a grenade launcher, rifles, soldiers, throwing a grenade.

End signal horn.

Students run to the commander, sit beside him on the ground.

Back to school with a song.

Top view of the column which three sides are connected to one road.

Fighting in the area of ​​Cherbourg and the mouth of the River Orne.

Teams of the German coastal batteries are fighting on two sides: on land and on water.

The shelling of the enemy transport fleet.

The guns of heavy caliber fire from the bunker on the courts.

Burning cruiser.

Shooting the enemy artillery ship.

PNRM. along the coast, which are fragments of the Allied Airborne military equipment.

Broken large landing craft, laden vehicles.

on the road view from the debris of the British equipment, machines, tanks.

Pointer to Villers-Bocage, the ruined city.

Broken American tanks in the narrow streets of the city.

The German anti-aircraft artillery shells American bombers during a raid on Paris.

The destruction and fires in the city, destroyed the cathedral.

Dogfight over Paris.

Shoot guns, the ground falls downed British plane.

Residents save their belongings from the ruins, hiding in shelters.

Work firefighters.

From the window is lowered down the cabinet.

On the ground, burning down downed British and American planes.

The crosses on the soldiers' graves.

German soldiers are captured American pilots, they are kept in the hands of the parachutes.

On one of the collection points for prisoners of war, they are sitting on the ground.

The soldier covers his face with his hands.

Combat post SS General Sepp Dietrich in the forest, it is among the officers.

SS Tank Connection on vacation.

On wet roads are soldiers carry weapons go into the forest.

battle begins.

Broken American tanks, holes in the armor.

Women's names and humorous inscriptions on the armor of tanks.

German tanks and self-propelled guns in the fighting area.

The counterattack against the Anglo-American connections.

Self-propelled artillery in combat.

Shooting continues until dark.

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