Ostland Woche № 25081 (1944)

Newsreel №63313, 1 part, duration: 0:12:09, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ski competition in the vicinity of Tallinn slalom among youth teams.

Boys and girls are rushing down the mountainside, the audience near the road.

New Slovak Ambassador Dr.

Galvanek sent to the palace to present his credentials.

He sits in the carriage with General and escorted by the cavalry riding to the palace in Sofia.

In Bucharest, Marshal Antonescu is present on the German-Romanian national art festival.

In the hall the audience a lot of soldiers.

perform folk dance on stage.

In Madrid, a ceremonial graduation of cadets of military academies.

On the square held a church service on victims Frankists and lay a wreath.

The ceremony of taking the oath, students pass by the flag, kiss its edge.

Issue students with diplomas.

Parade in front of the generals and the Minister Ostenzi.

Collection of the National Socialist youth in honor of the 12th anniversary of the movement.

On stage playing young drummers and fanfaristy.

There is a chapter of the National Socialist youth.

In the aisle are the standard-bearers.

Delivering a speech the head of the Austrian Nazi Seyss-Inquart and Dutch Nazi leader Anton Myusserta.

Youth applauds.

Italian anti-aircraft artillery on the coast.

Guns firing at American bombers appeared.

The explosions on the ground, view of the locality.

Italian pilots on the base, they discuss the flights with each other.

Downed American aircraft on the ground.

German artillery firing on the area.

With the guns fall cloaking shields, weapons ready to fire.

Aiming large-caliber guns.

Captured American soldiers brought in trucks to Rome, the column of marching through the streets of the capital.

Among the captive Indians.

Close-ups of the soldiers of the colonial troops.

The prisoners were fed in the dining room, they eat soup and drink wine.

The Atlantic coast of France.

Field-Marshal Rommel in the rate of General-Field Marshal von Rundstedt.

Rommel inspects strengthen the West Wall, anti-tank obstacles, large caliber guns.

German pillboxes and bunkers on the beach.

Rehearsal alarm.

Gunners roll out a gun, anti-aircraft battery directs the gun in the direction of the sea.

The soldiers ran out of the bunker, get up the guns.

The generals are included in one of the bunkers, to discuss military issues the card.

Opens bunker on the railway track is rolling out a huge cannon on the platform.

Artillery shells driven, load a gun.

Rommel inspects the firing point.

Gunners ran on a platform to the gun.

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