Ostland Woche № 25083 (1944)

Newsreel №63314, 2 parts, duration: 0:12:52, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newspaper "Teviya" ( "Fatherland"), subject: "Fatherland urges!".

Latvian volunteers with suitcases in their hands forwarded to the recruiting station.

officer stands before order.

There is a record in the division.

Volunteers undergo a medical examination, are registered.

In the barracks they receive clothing and shoes, try on SS uniform.

Close up of a patch on the sleeve: "Latvia".

The location of the Latvian units on the eastern front.

Mail delivery is connected to the village, where the troops quartered.

Soldiers happily surround postman apart the letters, reading them.

The islands in the Aegean Sea.

The Greek island of Samos, occupied by the Germans.

Landscapes of the island of Samos and city views from the air.

Scenes of street life of the city.

Local craftsmen for the manufacture of its products.

The boy grind grain at the mill.

German soldiers in the city.

Citrus and banana plantations.

Soldier breaks orange, gives it to someone who is sitting next to a local girl.

Soldier cuts banana.

With the help of an interpreter soldiers buying fruits in the local market, talking with residents.

Warehouses on the banks of the food and wine.

Soldiers poured local wine from barrels into bottles are packed in parcels to be sent home.

Soldiers help themselves wine.

Locals greet German soldiers are treated to wine.

The girl in national costume submits glasses of wine on a tray.

Inspection by German soldiers of ancient ruins and buildings Orthodox monastery high in the mountains.

Monk down from the window down a basket, then lifts her with food.

The soldiers on the territory of the monastery, talk with the abbot, visiting the art gallery of portraits of Greek priests, among them hung a portrait of Hitler.

The view from the windows of the dome of the monastery and the sea.

Key words

Latvia, 1944, World War 2, volunteer army, the SS
USSR, 1944, World War 2, the volunteer troops, Latvians mail
Greece, in 1944, World War 2, people, crafts, gardening, soldiers, attractions, monasteries, art

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The massive US air raid on German territory on 11 January.

Observation post on the German anti-aircraft battery.

It sounds an alarm.

Gunners ran out of the barracks and ran to the guns that are on alert.

Start German fighters "Focke-Wulf" and "Messerschmidt".

Air battle with a squadron of American bombers.

Spectacular shooting.

Fumes American plane shot down, it falls to the ground.

Attacks German fighters.

On the ground, burning down the remains of downed US aircraft.

Lie the corpses of downed pilots.

German soldiers examine the remains of the aircraft, taking them on a tractor.

Warehouse broken American aircraft.

Lead captured American pilots, interrogated them.

The return of German fighters at the airfield.

Pilot opens the fuselage, smiling ran comrades.

Pilots at the meeting of the commander, he shakes hands, talking.

Sounds fight song.

There is a discussion of the tasks.

Flight Squadron on the next task.

Key words

Germany, in 1944, the world war 2, Air Force, bombing, artillery and air combat, dead, captive

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