Ostland Woche № 25134 (1943)

Newsreel №63319, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:28, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On the streets of Stockholm's Royal Guard marches, walks into the palace gates.

German Ambassador Hans Thomsen goes to the palace in a carriage, taken on the occasion of the rental to hand over his credentials to King Gustav V. Meeting with the Ambassador of the King.

Exit Palace reporters photographed them.

In Pressburg (Bratislava) hosted the celebration of the 4th anniversary of the founding of the state.

The main celebration was a moment of manifestation in front of the National Theater, filled with 15 thousand Slovaks in national costumes from different areas.

On the balcony of the officials.

The stadium went hits Slovak troops who have joined the Wehrmacht.

Past the rows of soldiers passes President Tiso.

Tiso and the representatives of the German Wehrmacht taking hits.

Marching columns of soldiers, sailors, fascist youth passes cavalry.

In conclusion, there is a flypast.

In the stands, Slovak and German military.

Passes mechanized artillery, tanks.

A charitable organization NCW enables children from German-occupied areas in need of improvement and rest, to go to Germany.

Polish children on the way to Germany.

The train from Leipzig with 700 children from the Belgian province goes on a journey.

At the intermediate stop women from NSV Give the children paper bags with sandwiches.

Arrive on landline Oybin.

View of snow-covered mountains.

From the holiday homes are adults and children with sledges.

Training of trainers in skiing in Romania.

Skiers ascend the hill ladder, then there is a group descent, slalom.

Under the sign of the revival of the sport in the open reconstructed stadium in Madrid held a football match between two famous national teams.

Moments of the game, a goal is scored.

The game continues, the goalkeeper catches the ball.

Entering the additional parts of the Wehrmacht in Greece.

Against the backdrop of the Acropolis columns Nazi flag.

The street riding armored vehicles with guns.

Athenians look at the column.

German tanks in the streets.

Loading tanks and other equipment to be sent to the island.

Tanks lifted by a crane.

Marine transport ship sent to the island of Crete.

A sailor on the ship gives signals spotlight.

The convoy was escorted destroyers.

on the island of Crete with sea view.

On the island there is a construction of coastal fortifications, together with local workers.

German artillery battery on the coast, at the gun goes clockwise.

At the airport are German planes.

The pilot sits in the car, the squadron flies into the air.

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Reel №2

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Mourning day in Berlin dedicated to the memory of soldiers killed on the eastern front.

Fuhrer arrives in Tsoyghaus (German House), comes with Goering, followed by Field Marshal Keitel, Admiral Doenitz, other military leaders.

Soldiers on guard duty.

A solemn meeting in the courtyard of the German House.

Speech by Hitler's insidious plans of Bolshevism and the merits of the German soldiers.

Visit the pantheon of the fallen heroes on the street Unter den Linden.

Wreath-laying ceremony of the Fuhrer.

A column of soldiers with banners bowed.

Berliners, stretched out his hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler comes to the wounded and disabled veterans, talking with them.

Near Goring, Himmler.

Hitler and Goering take parade.

Southern section of the front, fighting for Kharkov.

The tanks, motorized formations "Waffen SS" moving through the snow in the direction of Kharkiv.

Go Marines with the Nazi flag.

Motorcycle with sidecar rides to the tank, tank soldier sends package, the bike ride back.

Soldiers on motorcycles speeding on flooded road.

Shoot the German artillery, explosions scatter the hut.

Marines in the attack.

German troops stormed the city from the north and east.

The Germans in the suburbs of Kharkov, fragments of street fighting.

At the end of the street can be seen running through the Soviet soldiers, artillery firing at them from a cannon, machine guns.

A soldier in a helmet with the SS badge at the gun.

Germans pass by the park fence, shot on the streets.

Burning house.

A German soldier with a tear of the building red flag, throws him to the ground.

Runs a soldier with a bandage on his head.

German soldiers shoot from the windows of empty houses.

Panorama of the city.

Key words

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