Ostland Woche № 25158 (1942)

Newsreel №63321, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:49, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On one of the Riga factories held a solemn assembly, which honored veteran workers.

speakers to address the workers.

Veterans are awarded certificates.

The representative of Franco's Spain visits the frontline hospital for Spanish soldiers "Blue Division".

Together with the doctors, it bypasses the wounded legionaries passes them awards from the caudillo.

A visitor at the table with the wounded, for a walk in the park.

Wounded mold snowman play snowballs.

Women included in the game, injured joking throw their snowballs.

The building of the Palace of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, ​​decorated with banners with swastikas.

Here, an exhibition of German architecture.

At the entrance of the guard of honor of the young men are Spanish phalanx.

Guests pass in a hall where models of architectural structures in Germany.

Celebrations in Stockholm to mark the 300th anniversary of the Church of St.

Gertrude in the old place, planted even in the early Middle Ages in 1642.

The facade of the church, church relics, tombstones of the Swedish kings, ancient manuscripts, printing.

At the solemn service comes King Gustav the V, the royal family, foreign visitors.

There is a collection of recruits in one of the villages of Hungary.

Men in uniform say goodbye to the girls family.

They go through the village, sit in the carts, escorted them to the people.

Ceremony to bring recruits sworn in at the village square.

Are the girls in national costumes.

Gathered at seeing peasants greet the young people, going to the front.

Folk dancing in the square.

On the ice stadium in Berlin Fridrihskhaym competitions in figure skating 1942-43.

Speech-known German skaters Gerda Strauch and Günther Noack.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Couple Ernst Baier and Gerber Maxi features a new dance.

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Reel №2

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The Variety of Berlin "Wintergarten" was held presentation of the French circus.

Above the dome working trio trapeze artists, two men and one woman.

They climb the rope ladder up and perform tricks on a swinging lounges.

Mediterranean Map.

Promotion of the German motorized units on the French coastal areas.

Cars driving in the direction of the French Riviera.

View of the port of Marseille, the German and French ships in the port.

Installation of anti-aircraft guns at the port.

The soldiers are resting, eating, smoking, one is fishing for bait.

The soldiers wash their pots into the sea.

French anti-aircraft gunners serving in Hitler's army.

French officer gives explanations German General, it shows the tower of the ancient fortress.

The passage of German troops through the city of Perpignan, riding cars, motorcycles.

People watching the movement of troops.

German machinery and drive up to the Spanish border.

Border crossing points across the road stretched a rope, German armored vehicles stop at obstacles.


Exchange greetings with the Spanish border.

Germans capture the southern coast of France.

German guns on the Mediterranean coast.

German soldiers observer mountains in the background.

PNRM. the Pyrenees and the sea.

German artillery gun mounted on the coast.

Military operations in Stalingrad.

German planes "Shtukas" in the air, they bombed the Soviet positions in the city.

The explosions at the plant, the city, the types of burning Stalingrad.

Shoot the German artillery guns in the calculation.

In the town go street fighting.

Soldier fires outside of the bin.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

The German soldiers were on vacation in the pause between fights.

Military operations in Stalingrad.

German planes "Shtukas" in the air, they are bombing the Soviet lay on the box sausage sandwiches, bottles of schnapps, cigarettes.

A soldier at the campfire plaster bread butter, eating, drinking from the pot.

At the Black Sea.

German and Romanian destroyers in the campaign.

The sailors set fuses for mines.

Dropping mines in the sea.


German reconnaissance detachment skiing in the Elbrus area.

German climber ascends the mountain, he was on the cliff.

Concerns with the approach of the Soviet troops.

A squad descends from the mountains, he sends a message to the German combat units.

There is a skirmish with Soviet forces, soldiers firing machine guns, mortars.

Soviet troop to retreat.

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