Ostland Woche № 25184 (1943)

Newsreel №63324, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:56, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Held in Riga concert for the SS Volunteer Legion and residents.

Proceeds from the concert will go to support the Legion.

Speech by the military brass band.

Begin to play three bugler, then enter other tools.

On the backdrop of the scene depicted a swastika and SS insignia.

View of the lodge from the theater audience.

Sings Folk Choir in national costumes, the song sounds about Latvia.

The curtain closes.

On the square in Riga built SS Legion troops that are sent to the Eastern Front, the division commander of the Latvian SS Major-General Peter Hansen, the inspector general Rudolf Bangerskis, SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln bypass operation.

The podium Hansen.

It is a group of military leaders.

Four soldiers with the banner of the division marching over the area, stop in front of the formation.

Residents watch the ceremony of taking the oath, hiding from the rain with umbrellas.

The ceremonial passing of the Legion of the street.

The soldiers of the belts stuffed flowers.

Residents waving their hands after legion.

On the basis of the law in Croatia established common agricultural organizations.

In the agricultural district near Agram poglavnik Ante Pavelic at the meeting before the peasants confirmed the election of representatives and the community council.

Peasants included in the list.

For Pavelic suited peasants, whom he shakes hands.

Everyone pulled his hands in a Nazi salute.

Pavelic out of the house, accompanied by men in traditional dress, walking down the street, went to the car.

In Pressburg (Bratislava) comes Bulgarian Minister of Justice, Dr.

Konstantin Ardov.

His station meet officials, they bypass the guard of honor guard.

The signing of the legal agreement by Ministers.

at the University of Madrid View of the ruins of the destroyed during the civil war.

Undermining the ruins to start the construction of new buildings.

PNRM. on campus, the new building of the university.

In the Swiss city of Bern, there is a sport - cycling on the spinning rollers.

This makes it possible to organize events in the places where there are no trails for cycling.

Internationally known cyclists compete on such a "velodrome", awarded the victory on points.

Savoy Alps.

Descent on a snow slope in a kayak, in which sit three people.

Girl paddle pushes the snow slides down to the river, with the run down to the water.

The man with the boat flipped in the snow.

Kayaks, going down to the water, continue to the path along the river.

On Ostrovetsky locomotive factory general-government built a modern locomotive 50. Locomotive P-Series comes out of the depot, on the cab attached a flag with a swastika.

It examines the Commission.

Construction of new military facilities in Germany.

Installation of equipment using machines.

The new factory building.

Women go to work.

Design office, a woman at the drawing board.

Women work in the shops, they are at the tables on the assembly of military devices and equipment.

Production at the factory ammo.

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Reel №2

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The meeting in Prague, attended by representatives of different regions of Bohemia and Moravia.

The meeting was opened by the Chairperson Dr.

Jaroslav Krejci government.

Minister of National Education Emanuel Moravec President read out the Declaration, which expresses the desire of the Czech nation to join the general mobilization.

In conclusion, it is provided Gruppenfuehrer SS, State Secretary reyhsprotektorata Karl Hermann Frank.

Map of North Africa, fighting in Tunisia.

Delivery of fresh reinforcements to Tunisia for Rommel's army.

German transport planes in the air, they are floating over the sea with ships on it.

With ships, arrived in the port of Bizerte, go reinforcements.

There is unloading equipment, weapons, tanks.

German tank column movement to the front line in the direction of the city of Gabes.

Goes mechanized artillery, trucks with soldiers.

Pointer on the road: Kebili, El Gamma et al.

The traffic controller on the road.

View of Gabes off the plane, built in a typical Muslim city.

Southern section of the front in the Donets region.

German machinery, motorcycles follow east on a dirt road.

Tank Division in the campaign.

Tankman jumping down to the ground, the other looking through binoculars with tank armor.

Tank attack.

The destroyed Soviet tanks, the corpses of Soviet soldiers.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Burning Mill, windmill crumbles, burn down to the ground.

Battles in the settlement, fleeing German soldiers.

On the snow lie the bodies are broken tanks.

Close-up of holes in the armor of a tank.

The ruins of houses.

German military airport in a blizzard.

Rise of Flight.

German "Shtukasy" together with the Hungarian and Slovak aircraft bombed positions of Soviet troops, the accumulation tank.

Key words

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