Ostland Woche № 25278 (1943)

Newsreel №63327, 1 part, duration: 0:12:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Marching troops of the Lithuanian volunteer legion building in the field to take the oath.

Lithuanian Military Commandant Emile Joost and head of the "Trust Board" under the German occupation administration of Lithuania Petras Kubilyunas bypass the guard, taking hits.

Joost delivers a speech from the podium, decorated with the flags of Lithuania and fascist with words of gratitude "liberators."

Those soldiers.

The ceremony of taking the oath near the pyramid with the weapon.

The ceremonial passage of the legion.

Arrival in Belgrade Serbian Prime Minister Milan Nedic in the demonstration in honor of the second anniversary of the liberation.

Along the railroad are soldiers.

General Nedić comes out of the train, he met with officials.

Residents welcome the Prime Minister.

Speech Nedic front of a crowd of people on the square.

The well-known far beyond the borders of France Dominican monastery celebrates the 500th anniversary of its existence.

In the courtyard there is a procession of nuns.

On the facade of the monastery date - 1443.

Monsignor John, Archbishop of Paris, attended the anniversary celebrations.

In the courtyard of the monastery of nuns observe the passage of the Archbishop, are a long robe over him.

Before the audience on the stage played a mystery.

In Pressburg (Bratislava) marked the 4th anniversary of the country's independence.

A crowd of people gathered in front of the presidential palace.

President Tiso of the floor.

In the box for the guests German general, officers, officials, troops are stationed.

The leader of the Hitler Youth movement Axmann arrived in Bulgaria for a visit.

At the airport in Sofia, aircraft lands.

Playing young buglers.

Axman meet military, they bypass the guard of honor guard.

Bulgarian youth groups meet guest, pulling his hands in a Nazi salute.

Car with Axmann going down the street, the girls throw flowers on the road.

Sofia went to Axmann hits Bulgarian youth organizations.

In Agram (Zagreb) held a demonstration in honor of poglavnik Pavelic.

Go down the street, young people with a banner: "poglavnik - our leader, teacher and father."

In building an equestrian portrait of Pavelic.

Poglavnik takes hits.

Go children, working in national costumes with a banner: "The Union of Croatian workers."

Pavelic passed through the crowd, the people rejoice.

It bypasses the formation of soldiers, shakes hands welcomes children.

Bicycle manufacturing factory.

Working men and women.

Assembling a bike, pedal installation, tensioning chain.

Vehicles moving on the suspension rope, they are loaded into wagons.

In Madrid, the caudillo Franco visited the exhibition of painting and sculpture.

On the square in front of the exhibition stand troops caudillo meet officials.

Franco examines exhibits of contemporary art in Spain: genre scenes, portraits, sculpture.

Boxing match in an open area in Brussels.

Compete heavyweight boxers.

Emotions spectators.

In Brussels took place a competition of hairdressers.

Masters are working on women's heads, performing intricate hairstyles.

Demonstration hairstyle.

In Pressburg passed the international table tennis tournament.

The building of the Grand Hotel, hang the flags of different countries.

Showing cups.

Compete women then mixed pairs.

Presentation of cups.

Tivoli Park in Copenhagen, walk along the paths of men.

Fountains Park, spinning carousel.

The alley of the park is a military band.

Speech aerial acrobats outdoors on a tightrope.

Attraction "Rollercoaster".

Bicycle racing in the rain in Marseille, to Provence.

Cyclists riding on a wet road, terrain, across the bridge.

Pointer to Avignon.

Finish at the stadium.

Winner holding flowers.

In Brussels, held steeplechase at the racetrack.

The spectators in the stands.

Jockeys riding horses take barriers.

The winner of a horse on the nickname Nord.

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