Ostland Woche № 25435 (1943)

Newsreel №63336, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:13, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Accumulation of refugees from the "Bolshevik terror" at the station.

children sit in the train.

German Wehrmacht help the refugees, the soldiers of the car displays a cow.

On the way are women, children, old men with belongings, livestock.

Refugees at the station at the barracks in a makeshift camp.

People fed cattle.

A man distributes bread from a cart.

On the ropes hanged clothes.

A woman washes in a basin.

At stake is cooked food.

A woman washes legs girl, pouring from a mug.

People sit around the campfire.

Grinder sharpens knives.

Groups of refugees in the barracks.

The guy playing the accordion, a man dancing in a circle of people sitting.

Commissioner General of Lithuania Theodor Adrian von Renteln arrived in the city of Riga.

With the CEO of Dankers and accompanying persons in Latvia, he goes to the old tower, go out to the observation platform overlooking the city on both sides of the river.

The talks in the office building.

Then all go to the farm, at the stables they show horse foal.

Guests bypass the countryside, visiting the farmland, plowed field, elite bull back into the building.

The visit of the Bulgarian Tsar Boris in Germany.

Hitler meets King Boris at the airport in his suite Ribbentrop, Field Marshal Keitel, the other generals.

Hitler and King sit in the car, go to the Führer's bid.

After the conversation, Hitler and Boris out of the bet, Boris says goodbye to the Führer.

At the airport, the king sits in the plane. (Episode mounted in chronicling 1941-42).

Funeral of Tsar Boris in Sofia (08.28.1943).

The coffin with the body of the king is in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

An honor guard at the tomb.

Residents of the capital are a long line past the coffin.

John Queen takes place in a memorial service at the Cathedral.

Representatives of foreign delegations.

The German delegation with Admiral Raeder, and Keitel.

Soldiers have a wreath from the Führer.

The young king's heir.

Funeral procession leaves the cathedral.

The coffin on the gun carriage is sent to the station to send for disposal in one of the monasteries in the town of Rila.

The funeral procession moves through the city, the population escorted the king on his last journey.

Keep a favorite horse of the king.

Marching soldiers, rides horse artillery.

Key words

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chief of the group "South" Field Marshal Keselring inspects German coastal fortifications.

The observer from the pipe.

Officers in T-shirts sit outdoors by the card.

On the phone to receive messages.

On the road at regular intervals are guns, goes clockwise.

German artillery guns clean, eating grapes.

Column motorized German troops, passing the German-Italian border at the Brenner.

A pointer to the Brenner.

How to get across the river.

Type the station where trains with tanks, guns arrive.

Armored vehicles traveling on the road, soldiers decorated with metal mesh flowers.

German troops at the border.

Italian and German children, the soldiers carry children on military vehicles.

The population meets the German colors, offers wine, fruit.

German machinery moving along the roads of Italy, rides on a mountain road, through the tunnel.

Bombing British aircraft of the German transport ships.

German anti-aircraft battery in action.

English downed aircraft falls to the ground, burning.

The German headquarters of the service providing flights.

Hand radio operator on the machine beats Morse code radio message about the air attack.

Women employees get the message.

The officer noted the place on the map.

The command post of night fighters.

Start planes.

Combined frame: the planes in the air and the officer in headphones with a microphone.

Dance German fighters pursue the British bombers.

Air battle, the view from the cockpit.

English downed aircraft falls to the ground.

The pilot ejected with a parachute, was taken prisoner.

He bandaged leg.

Extra point of broken English and American planes in the forest.

Workers dismantled scrap, pulling the chassis.

Key words

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