Ostland Woche № 25702 (1943)

Newsreel №63344, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:31, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In Vilnius, Lithuanian passed wires volunteer battalions to the eastern front.

The commandant of the city bypass the guard of soldiers.

The battalion marching down the street, a woman handed out flowers to the soldiers.

Farewell at the station.

The civilian population in the defense works.

Men and women on the felling, cut down the trunks, branches chop axes, sawn into logs.

Logs stacked in a woodpile.

Soldier measures the yardage woodpile.

View of the basalt mountains.

The use of dynamite for mining basalt.

Workers carry boxes of dynamite shooter lays the explosives.

Photographers Czech radio and print set the camera on a tripod and shoot blasting.

Aviary circus animals, viewers watching a hippopotamus cub.

The minister is playing with slonёnkom.

German circus Sarasani speaks to the audience, many of whom are soldiers.

In the arena of the elephants, then the Tigers.

Tiger jumping through a ring of fire.

In one of the flight school of the Luftwaffe.

On the field, there are gliders.

Marching cadets.

Instructor deals with cadets at the airfield, he shows a glider model and explain the problem.

The first flight in a glider, landing.

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Reel №2

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Training flights in light aircraft, the plane performs aerobatics.

Pilot in airplane mechanics shows problem areas, mechanic tightens the nut, check the steering.

Instructor in the classroom with students on the material part, an explanation of the motor device classes on navigation.

Students before the first flight of an airplane with the engine.

Light aircraft take to the skies.

Flares on the field signal.

They drop bombs into the river to eliminate ice dams.

Sanitary dog ​​team rides in the snow.

The German soldiers were transported to the wounded dog.

Crossing the wounded through mountain streams, followed by cable car through the gorge.

Loading the wounded in the ambulance.

The caravan of ambulances in the Norwegian port.

The wounded were coming down the mountain into the boat, delivered to a hospital ship.

Doctors involved in the wounded, bandaging do.

Wounded rest, playing chess, cards lie.

Film screenings for the injured, the on-screen dancing ballerina.

The steamer goes to Germany.

The wounded on the deck sitting in beach chairs, bask in the sun, say goodbye to Norway.

PNRM. on the mountainous shores.

German convoy in the sea, they escorted the aircraft.

Signalman gives the signal spotlight.

Installation of deep mines in the sea.

In his hand stopwatch.

The observer near the anti-aircraft guns.

Anxiety, ship horn is heard, the sailors took place in combat schedule.

Anti-aircraft gunners fire at enemy aircraft.

A ship in a hurry to the aid of another, in which there was a fire from getting the bomb.

Extinguishing fire from hoses, buckets, fire extinguishers.

Overloading wounded.

A damaged vehicle is taken in tow.

Light warships hunt for British submarines from the coast of Holland.

Sbrosku depth charges.

Key words

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