Ostland Woche № 25772 (1943)

Newsreel №63346, 2 parts, duration: 0:13:39, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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In Tallinn, celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the liberation of the country from the Bolsheviks.

On this day celebrations are held, dedicated to the memory of those killed at the front of the Estonian and German soldiers.

In the military cemetery are troops of soldiers and sailors.

Laying wreaths at the monument, near which there are two sailors on guard.

Girls in national costumes put flowers on the grave.

In the ranks are local nationalists and policemen.

Estonian military lay a wreath at the pedestal with the cup.

The stadium is a demonstration in Tallinn residents.

The girls are holding the tape attached to the shaft with the arms of Estonia, which keeps a man behind them comes the orchestra.

General Commissioner Dr.

Estonia Mäe, civilian and military persons pillars greet with a wave of hand.

Go girls in national costumes, girls sports column in white dresses, girls with hoops in his hands.

On the girl's stadium perform mass gymnastics with hoops, balls.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

On the podium a great national chorus.

People applaud.

Production tapestry fabric at the factory.

A woman sitting at a spinning wheel machine, presses the foot pedal.

The yarns are wound onto spools.

Women are sitting at the old looms for the manufacture of cloth, vyvyazyvayut on canvas patterns.

Finished products: blankets, towels.

From peasant house go girls in national costumes made of fabric, are on track.

In Romania, celebrated the Day of the Romanian Navy.

At the military board held a prayer service.

On deck, the sailors are.

The priest conducts the ceremony of consecration.

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Reel №2

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On behalf of the King and Marshal Antonescu German and Romanian officers and men were awarded orders.

Passage sailors march past in front of Defence Minister General and the Minister of Marine Pantatsi General Shoba.

On the Spanish coast of the Atlantic Ocean is the time fishing.

The ocean is teeming with lots of fish.

This year's catch of fish is particularly high.

Fishing boats off the coast, on board pull a big fish.

Some fish weigh several hundred kilograms, often come across instances of a 3 meter long.

A crane lifts fishes tails.

The lake San Moritz Switzerland held a week of sailing competitions.

In the competition participated by representatives of all the famous Swiss yacht clubs.

Athletes ran out of the hotel, on the shore there is a setting sail.

The moments of the race.

The boys-fans on the beach.

The winner is the champion of Zurich Willi Peter.

In Toulouse, the French took the championship in swimming in 1943.

Hoisting the flag.

The outdoor pool competing men and women.

At a distance of 400 meters in men won Aton Sayara and got the cup the head of state Marshal Petain.

In all parts of the great German national-socialist assault units SA sports performances were held.

Young people with poles in their hands perform gymnastic exercises at the stadium.

Pictures of military-sports classes at the stadium in Prague.

Mass exercises with poles.

Among the audience a lot of German soldiers, they smile, applaud.

Competitions on the run with obstacles, athletes climb over the boards, runs a relay race.

School Physical Education SA Standarte "Feldgerrngalle" and state labor service stand at the stadium with mass gymnastic exercises.

Military attachés from various European countries attended the German positions in the area south of Lake Ladoga.

Attache out of the train, they meet military commanders.

Attache talk, examine equipment.

Guests sit in assault boats, floating on the river to explore the position of one of the battalions of the German.

Types of coasts, the wreckage of buildings, bridge.

The central sector of the front.

The German position, an officer at the map in the field headquarters.

The enemy team to break into the German position.

German artillery and mortars take under fire from the flank of the Soviet.

Shoot guns, sheltered under the bushes.

Counterattack German tanks.

The battle continues until late at night.

German officer looking card.

Soldiers load a six-barrel mortars, shoot.

In the dark ride German tanks, visible flare shells breaks.

The soldiers are sleeping in a trench.

The next morning the artillery continued to fight.

Trying to break the enemy eliminated.

Soviet troops suffered very heavy losses in men and materiel.

View of the broken Soviet tanks.

A military airfield on the Mediterranean coast.

The pilots in the ranks.

Major Plyumben, head of the squadron of torpedo planes, gives the order to attack an enemy convoy.

Pilots preparing for flight, put on life jackets, sit in the car.

Sweethearts pilots, dogs are also willing to participate in the flight, they jump into the car.

The cockpit is tropical heat.

Sea view from the air, visible vessels.

Bombing enemy convoy, edition torpedoes from the air.

As a result of the operation sank 70,000 tons of valuable cargo enemy.

The remains of the enemy convoy off.

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