Ostland Woche № 27859 (1944)

Newsreel №63349, 1 part, duration: 0:08:53, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Confectionery factory in Riga.

Women are packed in boxes of cookies and candies for the soldiers-veterans.

Women in traditional costumes carry the boxes in the Riga hospital for soldiers.

Wounded waving to them from the balcony.

The Delegation of the factory comes to the ward, the wounded hands sweets, talking with them.

The concert for the wounded in the hospital.

A woman sings a folk song to the accompaniment of a chamber orchestra.

Wounded clap.

Speeches in the hall in front of soldiers, war veterans and home front workers.

The German Embassy in Tirana an appointment with the consul brought together young Albanians went to Germany for higher education.

Before leaving them warmly said goodbye to the representative of the Albanian government and the German Consul General.

Young people listen to farewell, help themselves at the table, then go with suitcases in hand, the people escorted them.

They loaded the suitcases on the roof of the bus, sit in the car.

Summer semester at German universities.

Students from different countries are sent to classes at the German Institute.

Many young soldiers received leave to study.

One of the professors, the very front of the participant, gave a lecture on the latest achievements in the field of chemistry.

A table in the audience boys and girls, war invalids and soldiers-vacationers.

Collection society of students to them.

Friedrich Friesen in the room, to discuss issues of current policy at the map and the globe.

A lesson of physical culture classes are fencing.

German cultural film took the leading place in the world.

Herta Jülich, who is the head of mikrosёmok have a microscope on the UFA studios in Babelsberg.

This studio is equipped with the most modern mikrotehnicheskimi devices, to create a film about the mysteries of nature that can not be seen with the naked eye.

Hertha Berlin takes a drop of water from the aquarium.

He considers it under a microscope.

Water flea, magnified a thousand times under a microscope.

Reproduction water fleas.

Three riders go down the path of the park in Paris.

The famous German teacher Jose Moser riding on his Andalusian stallion shows at Sultana morning training samples of their skills.

Horse performs various types of gait, dance to the music rises on its hind legs.

In Paris, as in the whole of France, took a symbolic oath of the athletes.

On opening of the stadium are athletes column.

Past the bleachers with spectators are fencers with rapiers, tennis racket, the rowers with oars, with skates skaters, skiers with skis, bicycles, athletes.

Flags of different sports disciplines, standard-bearers on the steps of the podium.

On the central platform raised athlete pulls the arm in a Nazi salute.

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