Moscow, Gorky Street.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev R.

Script writers: Semenov N.

Operators: Bgancev I., Krichevskiy A.

Composers: Ledenev R.

Anouncers: Bortnikov G.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


A film observation telling about the varied life of the Moscow central street - Gorky street.


Geography and Nature | Towns and countries

Temporary description

Types of Gorky Street: passing traffic, is public, the construction of the National Hotel, trade ice cream, books on the street. Buyers do in the stores, located on Gorky Street, shopping. Service people in the barbershop, in a photo studio, the studio sound of letters, in the bakery. Visitors to the Museum of the Revolution. Young people at the tables in the cafe "Youth". Examination in the Moscow Art Theater School (Moscow Art Theater). The film features shots Chronicle, imprinted Moscow the 20's, 30's, 40-ies (K / T plans).

Reel №1

Passers-by on Gorky Street, hiding from heavy rain in doorways, under trees, running, trying to hide bags, newspapers.

The traffic controller at the intersection in the rain.

People walk past the shop windows, kiosks, ice cream.

Kiosk "Ice Cream" - kr.

Mature couple in a park on a bench eating ice cream.

People drink soda from the machine.

Workers attach metal "woods" in multistory buildings, working otboynyym hammer raises asphalt, asphalt roadway.

The movement of vehicles and pedestrians on the street.

Trolleybus driver sets had dropped the arc, the driver in the cabin trolley, passengers in the cabin.

Movement trolley along Gorky Street.

The movement of passers-by on the street - go quietly, in a hurry, have a purchase.

People from the underpass at the corner of st.

Gorky and prospect of Marx.

Those people - kr.

Watch shop window, woman repairing watches, girl repairing watches, listens to the clock.

Photos Tverskaya Street (Gorky Street).

The street passes through the old French model of car, people consider the car.

Parade of antique cars on Gorky Street.


They're coming overcrowded trams, people randomly running across the street.

The explosion of an old house, raised a cloud of dust.

Modern Gorky Street - Chauffeur two-way traffic, wide sidewalks.

Construction of the National Hotel, working construction crane.

Construction of the "State Planning Commission, the NDP from the construction site for building the State Planning Commission, which was built in the 30th years.

Photo Trumfalnoy arch erected on Tverskaya in honor of the victory over Napoleon.

Details of the Arc de Triomphe: sculptures of horses, chariots, soldiers and others, demolished in connection with the reconstruction of the street, in storage in the Donskoy Monastery.

The building of the Museum of the Revolution, the old mansions on the street.


Reel №2

High-rise buildings, decorated with bas-reliefs, Hotel "Minsk".

Workshop "Mosproyekt" - architects working on projects of reconstruction and development of Moscow, the project layout Gorky Street.

Small courtyards of apartment buildings on the street.

Bitter, people relax in the yards of homes, children play in the yard, sitting cat.

A resident of one of the old houses in the Board talk to the inspector on the resettlement of street.

Bitter in new areas of Moscow (synchronously).

From the basement apartment house on the street.

Gorky's family moves to a new apartment in Khimki Khovrino - Furniture and objects are loaded onto the machine.

In the yard of the old house sitting on a bench in the old woman.

Moving vehicles on the street, a passing car for transportation of furniture, rides a truck carrying things newcomers.

At the entrance of a new residential house people unload the car with things.

Quarter of new homes in Khimki-Khovrino.

Traffic on Gorky Street, directing traffic at the intersection.

Policeman fined violators of traffic rules.

Car "Moskvich", had an accident on the street.


Sale of lottery tickets, she buys a ticket, the child takes the lottery ticket from the drum.

Sale of books from a tray buyers choose books.

The queue for strawberries, strawberries in boxes and on the scale.

Jewelry store showcase "Birch", a woman chooses jewelery.

Salesroom Eliseevsky store - PNRM. with chandeliers on the shelves.

Sellers of goods laid out in preparation for the opening of the store (room no buyers).

Barber Street.

Gorky - a woman doing her hair.

Family photographed at the shop.

Reel №3

A sign on the building of the Studio sound of letters.

The process of recording studios in the hardware sound letter (read men) (synchronously).

An employee instructs the studio man, recording audio letter (synchronously).

A young man reads a letter (synchronously).

A group of young people with a guitar singing a song to record on platinku (synchronously).

Co-workers chevstvuyut hero of the day: the girls singing a song (in sync).

Muscovites buy bread in the bakery Filippovskaya, visitors in the cafeteria Filippovskaya bakery, drink coffee with buns.

Photos of the revolutionary events of 1905.

The displays in the halls of the Museum of the Revolution - the slogan "All Power to the Soviets!" Relief "workers and peasants.

Board on the building with the inscription "In this building in October 1917. Worked for the Military Revolutionary Committee of the General Staff of the armed uprising in Moscow."

The building of the Moscow City Council, which in October 1917. the headquarters of the armed uprising.

Soviet square in front of the Moscow City Council, the pigeons in the square.

The plaque on the building of the Moscow City Council, established in memory of Lenin's speech.

Newsreels in 1919:

VI Lenin stands on the balcony in front of the Moscow Soviet troops of fighters going to the front.

Newsreels 1934.:

How to get machines with Chelyuskin and Shmidt on Gorky Street, the windows flew leaflets.

Newsreels 1937.:

Meeting on the street.

Gorky V. Chkalov, G. Baydukova and Belyakova have committed non-stop flight to America.

Gorky Street in the area of the Belarusian railway station, the area of the Belorussian second station, the Belarusian railway station.

Check the passenger train "Moscow-Warsaw-Vienna", the train "Moscow-Berlin" visitors at the station.

Monument to Maxim Gorky at the Belarusian space station.


Meeting Gorky at the Belarusian railway station.

Newsreel 1935.:

Conducted on the Byelorussian Station writer R. Rolland.

Newsreel 1931.:

Meeting at the Belarusian station writer Bernard Shaw.

[_] Traffic on the street.


Bus with foreign tourists passing on the street, tourists at the monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, foreign tourists pass on Gorky Street.

The foreign cars on the street sign on a car "From New York to Moscow." Old wagon with tourists from the Netherlands moved on Gorky Street.

Tourist paste the inscription on his car.

Pulls a car with foreign tourists.

Reel №4

Guide Intourist runs with a group of foreigners on the Red Square.

Space Mayakovsky Mayakovsky monument on the square (from different points), the transport tunnel.

Pushkin Square, a monument to Pushkin, the panorama from a monument on the building of the editorial offices of Izvestia.

Editorial work for "Izvestia" - editorial board is preparing materials for publication, the work in the department of letters.

Computing Center of the State Planning Commission - calculating machines of different operating systems.

The writer Ilya Ehrenburg in a working office.

People's Artist of USSR, Dejneka works in his studio.

Is a pianist S. Richter (synchronously).

C. Richter speaks with conductor R. Barshay.

Playing Chamber Orchestra conducted by R. Barshai (synchronously).

Parents escort children to summer camp for the summer.

In the yard at the street.

Gorky children gather mushrooms.

Sedan car moves down the street (in the box car can be seen live goose).

The street is a woman with a dog, feed the dog ice cream, a woman carries a dog in a wheelchair.

An old woman sitting on a bench in the park, a white rooster sitting on the back benches.

Older men on the bench in the park playing chess.

The queue at the ice cream parlor "Youth", visitors to the cafe tables, youth dances, Hali-Gali ".

Receive entrance exams at school the Moscow Art Theater - the selection committee examines applicants, entrants in the corridor.

The members of the selection committee (among them actress S. Pilyavsky) abiturientku listen, ask questions (synchronously).

The audience crowded at the entrance to the theater (night), people ask extra tickets.

Reel №5

Seeing the Moscow student stroyotryadov, leave to work during summer vacation.


Gorky's are soldiers - participants in the parade.


Street Gorky during the Great Patriotic War, are the soldiers leaving for the front, covered with sandbags shop windows, are the militias.

Poster "Rodi to-Mother is calling you!".

[_] Gorky Street is in the process with the ashes of the Unknown Soldier, watch Muscovites.

Summit participants in the war: there are sisters, separated by war, a French peasant named to meet with his sons - the Soviet soldiers who rescued her during the Great Patriotic War.

Artist Smolyaninov, a former prisoner of the German concentration camp, is hosting an exhibition of his works, dedicated to the victims of concentration camps.

Photo exhibition dedicated to events in the world, Vietnam War.

Gorky Street passers-by in a hurry this one: a man holding a child in the crowd held a pregnant woman with flowers, tourists from Central Asia.

Young couple embraces on the street.

The monument to Pushkin, boys and girls are waiting at the memorial meeting.

Fans of the poetry of Pushkin lay flowers to the monument.

Hall of the negotiating points in the Central Telegraph Office, the visitors in the hall.

Appratov telephone operators in relation to different cities of the world.

Gorky Street in the early morning.