Ostland Woche № 27947 (1942)

Newsreel №63350, 1 part, duration: 0:08:36, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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Major General of Police SS Brigadenfuhrer Walter Schroeder and CEO of the Latvian Academy Dankers arrive in the Latvian countryside to meet with volunteers to join the ranks of the Wehrmacht.

The guests run up girl with flowers.

Before volunteers are the systems Schroeder Dankers, one of the volunteers.

Soldiers are standing with bicycles.

Together with the military speech listen to residents views of women in national costumes.

Latvian police showed exponential jumps hurdles to the people at the stadium.

Schroeder and Dankers handed awards to the winners.

Latvian volunteers go into the forest to train for timber harvesting.

On the edge of the forest there is a distribution of tools: axes, saws.

It starts logging.

Men cut, sawing, clean stems from branches, sawed them into logs and logs.

Timber stacked in the woodpile.

Lunch, workers eat sitting on the ground.

The visit of the Sultan Mohammed V of Morocco to Spain.

Sultan arrives in Valencia, the car passes under the arch with a welcome banner.

Guests go to the pier, board the boat and go around the neighborhood.

In shallow waters are fishing boats, fishermen pulled nets with fish.

Sultan oversees the work of fishermen.

Marshal Petain on a trip to the country.

He arrives by train in the province.

Residents welcome the marshal.

Peten shakes the hand of war veteran, raises his hands to the little girl.

Are the women in national costumes.

Petén in an open car rides around the city, accompanied by motorcyclists.

From the balconies watching the people.

Peten circumvents formation of soldiers, a crowd of people, shakes hands.

The cortege was going on.

Police restrain the pressure of the crowd.

Peten out to the people.

In Copenhagen, held a football match between Denmark and Germany.

The spectators in the stands.

Moments of the game, a goal is scored.

Quisling Prime Minister at his residence accepts congratulations on the 55th anniversary.

It bypasses the guard of honor guards from the People's Police and the choicest parts.

Quisling accepts a gift of riding horse from the youth organization of Norway.

German industry works for agriculture eastern regions liberated from the Bolsheviks.

Preparation of agricultural tools and machines to be sent to the east.

Trial plowing new tractors.

Top view of a warehouse SH machines.

Composition with cars hit the road.

Tractors plow the field.

Harvesting with the help of German cars.

Crimea, fierce battles for Hersonissos.

A German soldier looking into the telescope.

They're coming German tanks.

German infantrymen in anticipation of battle.

Fires Artillery.

Soviet soldiers and sailors are surrendering.

The search prisoners.

A group of Soviet soldiers, hidden under the cliff, waving white rags, surrendering prisoners.

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