Ostland Woche № 28265 (1942)

Newsreel №63352, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:06, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children's home in Riga.

Children draw in the air, doing physical exercise with the teacher on the lake.

Older girls are collected from shrubs berries, watering flower beds.

Little girls playing in the sand.

Boys collect mushrooms in the forest.

Racing games on the air, the girls play hoops, circles caught on a stick.

Dinner children in the dining room.

Women in traditional costumes collected from the trees healing inflorescence in the streets and parks of Daugavpils.

The men cut branches pruning shears.

A boy carries branches on the truck, turns them sitting near the women who pluck blossoms and throw them in a drawer.

Stadium "Plaza de Toros" in Madrid.

Close-up of a grand bullfight posters, which will be held July 2, 1942 with the participation of famous bullfighter Don Jose Escobar.

People in the stands.

By passing procession bullfighters arena.

Among the spectators present Sultan of Morocco Mohammed V. begins a bullfight, bullfighters teasing the bull slaughter.

Joyful shouts and applause from the stands.

In Warsaw held presentation of the German group of aerial acrobats outdoors.

On a tightrope acrobat passes, holding on his shoulders three more.

Top view of the area and the public.

As there are two tightrope acrobat, carry a pole, which is at the hands of a third acrobat.

Moving the wheel on a pole, in which spinning acrobats.

Acrobats are going on a rope on a bicycle.

A pair of acrobats on a high pole, a woman slips on the rope holding the teeth of the rope loop.

In Berlin, the Olympic Stadium hosts international athletics competitions.

Men's relay race wins Hungarian athletes.

Running hurdles, pole vault, shooting rocking.

It sets a new record.


The stadium sports Chammer present Reich und Osten.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Deposit base for the Wehrmacht in the occupied territory of France arrives in the country.

German garrison Soldiers marching down the road.

Pointer to Melun - 13 km and Paris - 58 km.

On the streets of Melun passing the German tanks, motorcycle units and mechanized artillery.

Local people watching the movement of troops, a few waving their hands in greeting, many look wary.

The street riding tanks, one of them close to the tank crews sitting dog.

Parts of the Waffen-SS, translated into France from the eastern front, marching down the street, played by a military band.

They welcome women in uniform.

Parade division Waffen-SS "Adolf Hitler" in Paris on 29 July 1942.

Ride motorcyclists.

Field-Marshal Rundstedt, SS General Dietrich, SS General Hausser take hits.

Goes mechanized artillery, tanks, trucks with soldiers and heavy weapons.

Tanks are sent from the camera in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe.

Rundstedt shakes hand Hausser.

Fighting for Rostov.

German troops moving along the dusty road, galloping cavalry, riding motorcyclists, horse artillery.

German guns firing through the city.

Rostov in the fire and smoke.

German soldiers advance on the outskirts of the city.

Fragments of heavy street fighting.

Tanks fired at buildings.

Infantry in the shelter near the tanks.

SS Division "Viking" in combat.

Shoot a self-propelled gun, the soldier makes a queue of a machine gun, the barrel resting on the shoulder of a friend.

Soldiers go through the ruins of the houses, fired from rifles.

On the streets is broken Soviet equipment, motor vehicles, tractors, tanks.

Ruined Station Rostov, broken tanks, guns, do not come down to the front.

A huge column of Soviet prisoners of war goes on the road.

German soldiers are on hand section of the pontoon bridge, there is a leveling of the river crossing.

Naked men eating on the shore of canned food, sappers mounted pontoons.

German units are on a pontoon bridge, smiling at the camera.

The movement of convoys, soldiers riding on tanks.

The sky rocket takes off.

Soldiers look to the sky for planes.

Bombing by German airplanes of the Soviet position.

On the ground creeping shadow of the aircraft.

German tanks and infantry move in the Kuban steppes.

Key words

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USSR, 1942, World War 2, the infantry, cavalry, mechanized infantry, artillery horse, fire, street battles, tanks, SS, broken appliances, the prisoners, the pontoon bridge, building, Air Force bombing

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