United News № 1051 (1945)

Newsreel №63745, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:24, black-white

Reel №1

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Germany defeated.

People welcome the victory on the streets of London, Prague and other cities.

Historical background: the preparation of war.

German machinery at the parade.

Hitler takes hits.

The attack on Poland.

Concentration camps.

The dead and wounded.

The entry of Britain and France in the war.

Farewell to departing for the front.

Evacuation of children.

The German invasion of Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg: mechanized infantry.

Dropping the German paratroopers.

Breakthrough of the Maginot Line.

French refugees.

The German army in Paris.

Hitler in Paris.

The defeat of the British at Dunkirk.

The bombing of British cities.

Women working in the military Zabdiel.

Destruction in London.

The funeral of those killed in Coventry

Bremen, liberated by the Allies.

The destruction in the city.

Bremen port and facing it ships.

Allied forces passing through the streets of the city.

German prisoners and the arrested collaborators

Freed British city of Dunkirk.

Destroyed shop shipyards.

The destruction in the city.

Mining streets.

Attempts to hide the German submarines under the Red Cross signs.

The signing of the act of surrender of the German garrison of Dunkirk.

The rise of the English flag.

Delivery of weapons.

General and Admiral Haynel Hofmayer become British prisoners of war.

The city's population welcomes British troops

Gasoline pipe under La Manche.

Manufacture of special cables.

Laying it on the bottom of the English Channel.

Camouflaged petrol stations on the coast.

Guard ship.

Fuel supply machines allies are moving forward

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Reel №2

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