Tonwoche № 202 (1934)

Newsreel №63821, 1 part, duration: 0:10:30
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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East Prussia.

Saar remain German!

The demonstration runs Wachenburg wineries unions.

A rally in front of the technical institute.

Thousands of citizens proclaimed by the German Saarland, the crowd sang the national anthem, pulling his hands in a Nazi salute.

A new type of aircraft.

original propeller, reducing the landing speed was developed in the United States.

Tests have been conducted of the new machine.

The aircraft is able to roll on the ground not only forward but also backward.

The aircraft enters the hangar backwards.

Charles Lindbergh makes a test flight of a new US passenger plane to fly to South America.

Aircraft passenger seats 31 and is traveling at 300 km per hour.

20 years ago.

UFA studio shows rare film documents the beginning of the 1st World War.

Russia: Tsar Nicholas II and Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich bypass the guard of soldiers.

French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau walks in the park with his dog.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand drove to the building by car, killed the Archduke's funeral.

Germany: the crowd on the square, go military echelon wires to the front.

Marching labor groups with shovels.

In Portsmouth held a solemn reception of the German cruiser "Königsberg" and "Leipzig".

From the fort is heard gunfire.

Ships float past the port.

The sailors on the deck.

Officers go up the ladder.

The English admiral coming on board, sailors bypass operation.

Solemn funeral of the wife of Princess Henry of the Netherlands in Delft.

On the Square are the troops.

The funeral procession goes through the city to the cathedral.

They carry a coffin for the farewell ceremony.

In Poland hosted international competitions in athletics.

German athletes set new world records in shot put.

Running, jumping high.

The attendance spectators.

Under the patronage of Minister Dr.

Goebbels in Heidelberg begins Goethe festival in memory.

The city held a procession, riding riders, trumpeters, knights in ancient costumes.

At the fortress played a scene from medieval life with the actor Heinrich George.

The Nürburgring hosts international racing in the Grand Prize of Germany.

The race was won by Hans Stuck on Auto-Union, the second Fagioli comes to the "Mercedes-Benz".

The winner Hans Stuck gives an interview.

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